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Good and bad

I used RAC service 3 times. The first and second service were outstanding and I was really happy with the company and upgraded my membership. The communication was good and they tried to sort out the problem as quickly as possible, and the staff who came to look at my vehicle were very polite and helpful. But the third time was a nightmare. I was made to wait on the road in the hot weather ALL DAY, and the staff who arrived couldn't be bothered to do his work. He drove passed me and parked near-by to have a nap until I reported the customer service and walked up to the truck to wake him up. He was smoking while doing his job and couldn't wait to go back to sleep again, instead of taking me back to the place where I could catch a public transport. I made a complaint and they sent me a letter with an offer to extend my membership, so they're not totally bad. The membership extension is a lot cheaper than my loosing 1 day annal leave from work, but at least I didn't need to argue to have my rights.



I use Virgin, Barclays, Lloyds and First Direct. I've been with Virgin for 5 years and it was the worst and decided to close my account. They are extremely rude, and have the policy "If you don't like it, close your account. We don't care'.

I've been with Barclays for 15 years. I've had a few troubles, but overall they try hard and I'm happy to keep it. Lloyds and First Direct are ok too. It's normal to have a few problems and see bad customer reviews on-line, but I saw Barclays staff try to reply to some comments whereas Virgin never have. That shows a lot about the bank.


The worst customer service

The price is competitive and this is the only reason I buy items from them, but I must admit the customer service is awful! I have been using the shop about 3 years and I buy all the items delivered to my house every month. I spend around £40 each time. I consider myself a royal customer, however, Zooplus simply don't care.

My parcel went missing 3 times and the courier didn't even leave a note. I contacted the courier and I received a simple email saying they just don't have a record of anything. I asked Zooplus and they also sent me a simple mail saying the parcel is with "Mr/Ms John". It was "Mr/Ms William" the last time. I asked for the address as I don't know such people who can't even be identified as man or woman, and they told me they don't have the address. I asked for a replacement but I was asked to confirm the address and no correspondence since then even though I asked to dispatch it asap. I've spent so much time chasing them up and the delivery is delayed over 2 weeks. I might as well get the items from a shop as it saved me no money. It's not just once, but 3 times. They keep making the same mistakes and no improvement or no sincere apology, apart from generic "sorry". This time I'm definitely shopping somewhere else.

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