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Finally a bank with a bit of sense

I'm currently a HSBC customer but they have been very discriminating and demeaning (I'm Dutch and have been living in England for 3 years now). Nationwide didn't want to give me an account in the beginning as I couldn't prove my English address (which is fair enough) so I started off with HSBC. After they pissed me of umpteen times I decided to open a joint account with my partner at Nationwide. They were very friendly, explained what the opportunities were and within half an hour we walked out with an account with a small overdraft (which HSBC wouldn't dare to give me). I'm now moving my personal account to Nationwide as well.

The only thing I don't like is the internet banking. It's very messy and confusing, it needs a very big redesign.


Dutch pride!

I'm a Dutch person working in the UK. I fly back and forth quite a few times a year and always use KLM instead of the budget airlines. The prices are fair and the stewards are exceptionally friendly. I once had to book a very last minute flight over the phone. They called me back a few minutes later for details meaning I didn't have to pay premium call rates. They never moan about my luggage being a bit heavier than allowed. And the complimentary drink and snack is always very welcome ;)

Thumbs up for this amazing airline!

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Disgusting company..

Ordered some new fitness clothing while I was aware of their 'magazine and mug' scam so I opt out. I checked out when it was put back in my basket, only to find out when I got the confirmation email. Really, guys? I don't want your stupid marketing stuff (let alone pay for it). It's like shopping at the supermarket and have a employee sneakily put another product in your basket. How is this even legal.. Also, charging 4.99 for STANDARD delivery. No one does that anymore.

This is truly the last time I'm shopping with this company. I'd rather spend a few quid more to be treated with honesty.


Bunch of rip offs

They sold me a £100 cage for the degus which turned out to be way too small. The reaction I've got on this was that it is the RSPCA minimum. Which it is not. They also seem to know nothing about them, constantly miss-sexing them so people end up with an unwanted litter. It's pathetic to see the animals in the shops in very small cages, and them being willing to sell them per one degu. Always keep them in pairs. Please do NOT buy from, thus promoting, this shop.

I've build my girls a really big cage, for less money than the cage PAH sold me.


The degu seed mix is a fave!

I started shopping with this company since they supplied ready made seed mixes for degus. My girls are on a special diet which the seeds are an important part of. My degus even think it's the best part ;) Delivery was very quick, I expected it later in the week but received it on Monday!


Only ever had one problem with Amazon

I'm a very happy Prime customer. I order quite a lot of things online, as I work a lot and never have time to go to the shops. I've never had any delays and get all my order the next day (often in the morning). I ordered a video game a couple of weeks ago which I thought got lost in the post (not Amazon's fault). Customer service was great and I got a refund without hassle, it was back on my account within 2 days. I eventually received the video game (after two weeks, while it was next day delivery) so I returned it. It was really easy, printing out labels to put on the box and left it with Collect+.


They still give me headaches..

I opened up a Passport Account last year because I'm from the Netherlands and no other bank would take me. This is a more basic than basic account, but you pay £8 a month. I do understand this as they need English proofs of address (utility bills) but in order to get those I needed an English bank account. Now, HSBC wanted to take me as a customer. I was happy to finally have a place to put my salary in. But what a nightmare it was..

I opened up the account at my first appointment. The lady was nice, but apparently not very knowledgable. I gave her a pay slip, my passport and my Dutch proof of address. All good, account opened, I got my pin and card about 2 weeks later. I activated it, and guess what. Card blocked. So I had 2 months worth of salary on that account, and I couldn't access it. Went back, saying my card didn't work. Apparently the needed another proof of employment (I already gave them a sodding payslip) and another type of ID. It's embarassing to ask your boss to write the bank a letter proofing I've got a job. Luckily I also had an ID card, which was thankfully accepted as it's accepted nowhere in England.

It took them 2 weeks to reopen my account, after I called them to ask if they finally fixed it.

Customer service over the phone is alright, I think, but their accents are all pretty much untranslatable. I had to give them my email address, which I spelled out really clear, using the English phonetic alphabet, and they still got it wrong. I later found out that it was completely different from what I was saying to them.

Also, my card gets blocked all the time, sometimes from online shopping, but even from a simple visit to Sainsburys or Co-op (where I go every day anyway). But when I went abroad a couple of weeks ago and forgot to notify HSBC my card was still working when I got back in England. Right.

I've got an appointment standing to open up a current account with a building society, where I've already got a joined account with my partner.


Again, very good service

I've been using Yodel on many different addresses now and I have yet to find a bad delivery. They are always on time and the delivery men/women are always very friendly and patient. Please consider giving this same service to all the other people which must've had horrible experiences with you.

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