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4 designers, 3 managers and a lot of shouting *UPDATE*

Where to start!

We went to the Lakeside branch on opening weekend. Spoke to a designer who came and measured up. Went back the next day and sat with him for 3 hours. Had to come back 3rd day to finish off. Liked the design etc and went away with a price.

Came back a little while later to find that designer had "left" and had to sit with another who then spent another 2 hours re inputting our details and trying to find the designs as we wanted to change bits.

Went away to compare to other companies pricing etc as they "guarantee to match or beat any quote". Got a good deal from a competitor so went back and forth with the Wren designer in order to compare. Eventually got told over the phone by the tore manager that they would match the quote I had so we went in that weekend to put deposit down and finalise.

When we arrived we were informed that the designer AND manager had "left" that morning. We sat down with yet ANOTHER designer and went over the same things again. I explained we had come in to pay deposit and he had the agreed price from the previous manager in front of him. He asked us to give him ten minutes to check over everything, so we went for a walk around the store.

We came back after the ten minutes to be told that they could not do at the agreed price and it would cost an EXTRA £2,500!!! Needless to say I was not amused. When I asked for head office details to formally complain, I was told there was no phone or email, only an address to write to.

I asked for the new manager to complain in store who then turned out to be the area manager. He was less then helpful and would not move on the price. He then went on to call the MD apparently who agreed with him and would not honour the previous managers deal which was clearly written in front of him.

By this point I'd had enough and had lost my temper so left with the new price break down to cool off.

In order for me to start again with other kitchen companies would have cost time which I didn't have so decided to remove appliances and work tops in order to bring the cost down. This brought the cost down enough for me to go back and secure the deal still needing a washing machine, oven and work tops.

Another designer came over to arrange deposit and finance.

A week before the kutchen was due to turn up, I had repeated calls saying the balance was due despite telling all that I had the finance in place. This eventually got resolved with a new designer,Bill, he came to my house so I could sign new paper work.

The kitchen arrived just over a week ago. One door was damaged, was missing feet and the designers had left off the curved plinths. Thankfully Bill helped to resolve and all is now sorted.

One thing that Wren never mentioned in all this, the timber kitchen I bought was fr from this. The only parts of actual wood are the frames on the doors. The rest is either MDF or chip board.

I have not finished fitting this kitchen yet but will update should anything else go wrong!!!

Overall, I should have gone elsewhere but had no more time to start the process again. This company has caused no end of stress and still need to buy the parts I had to remove in order to bring the costs down!


Since initially writing this review I have been contacted by Wren to try and resolve as I have written an ACTUAL review on there customer service.

They promised me a call back in the morning which they did but couldn't speak so asked to call later. They didn't.

They called again the next day so spoke to the store manager and regional manager but as he was driving, he kept cutting out. I said to arrange a meet instead to talk about everything.

Yet again, no reply. I called the branch to speak to the manager who was in a meeting and was promised a call from the regional manager that night. Yet again, nothing.

I eventually got a call from ANOTHER branch manager as the other was off sick and got told they would look into why my initial price I was offered was not honoured and come back with an offer to fix everything.

I just had the call back and the price was an extra £3000 on top of my original agreed price.

I urge anyone considering using Wren kitchens not too and to look elsewhere unless you want endless chasing and grief and rubbish customer service!

30 May 2013

Reply from Wren Living

Hi Rhys,

We are very sorry to hear that you have had a number of problems with our Thurrock showroom. The Regional Manager for the South, Greg Ashdown, will give you a call this morning to discuss your problems.

Kind regards,
Wren Kitchens & Bedrooms

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