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Working in an Irish Pub on St Patricks Day in America, I thought a kilt would be a great idea. After looking online at other sites, I was eventually directed to Heritage of Scotland. The process of buying a kilt package seemed daunting, but the company's website made it seem so easy. With a diverse selection, plentiful images and helpful resources (including the all important measuring and sizing), I was able to build my own package and extra accessories, and take advantage of the many special offers that company runs regularly.

The biggest surprise was yet to come. My total purchases qualified me for free shipping, which considering was going to be transatlantic, could add up. I ordered on January 27th, to give me a good number of weeks before St Patrick's Day. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was when my order was delivered to my doorstop on January 31st...almost quicker than me flying to Scotland, browsing the shops and then flying home! I had purchase what I expected to be a so-so kilt of tablecloth quality. What I got was truly wonderful, a stylish, gorgeous, heavy duty kilt, etc. Man, it was hard to wait until St Patrick's, for it's public debut. Suffice to say, it was a hit, and I can say that bartending in a kilt is awesome luxury (and yes, I also purchased tartan boxers...can't be giving all my secrets to the customers)

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