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Brilliant - First Class Service from both Argus and Thrifty

Booked a rental car online in Norway, for use in the UK over 2 weeks Xmas holiday period.
I originally booked and reserved a LandRover Freelander for collection upon arrival at Heathrow, as I opted for the 4WD capability in the case of snow or ice etc.
I received immediate confirmation voucher for use at Thrifty car rentals at Heathrow.
When I arrived at Heathrow terminal 5, my family and I were collected by the Dollar/Thrifty courtesy bus and taken to the rental office located nearby at the Sheraton Heathrow.
Upon arrival at Thrifty office they informed me that the Freelander was no longer available and upgraded me to a BMW X3 (M Series) Auto with full GPS and every other conceivable extra, at no additional cost to myself.
The car was perfect throughout the 2 weeks rental, although I did suffer a minor computer glitch with the fuel gauge and fuel computer, however i contacted Thrifty and they immediately made good on my fuel charges. Therefore all i can say is that my family experience with both Argus car hire and Thrifty was first class and I will definitely use again in future and recommend to anyone else. Prices were extremely competitive too. All in all absolute value for money.


Scandalous Worst Online Retail Experience Ever - Bunch of Scammers - Stay Well Clear

Scandalous Worst Online Retail Experience Ever - Stay Well Clear

I purchased a Seconique Triple Bunk bed and 2 mattresses for £495 and paid by direct debit and incomplete order delivered 3 days later. 2 mattresses and 4 out of 5 packages. No bed side rails or fixing attachments, so bed totally useless. Initially I was informed that I would have to pay a further £75 for missing parts. Also told that I was not entitled to refund or parts as my refund deadline (5 days) had expired. What a load of rubbish. These missing parts in my opinion were deliberately withheld to try and extract further funds from customer, increasing the proftability to furniture 123.
According to Consumers Advice and Trading Standards, consumers are covered for 6 years against furniture not of Satisfactory Quality or Not Fit For Purpose. Their 5 day refund policy violates UK consumer law,. It is also a criminal offence to deliberately mislead consumers on their rights. I would suggest that anyone that has shared a similar bad experience with furniture 123, firstly contact Consumers Helpline Number: 08454 040506 and inform them of your complaint. They will then issue an official complaint number for further follow up by Trading Standards if they can be shown to have violated your consumer rights. The consumer helpline will then instruct the consumer to send a recorded delivery letter quoting The Sale Of Goods Act 1979 (Amended), to furniture 123 giving them reasonable time to comply with your legal rights. Failure to do so is liable to legal prosecution. I am following up my complaint as 2 Months of worthless excuses and referrals to their "Investigations Team", or their "Returns Department Team" or their "Customer Services Team", have all ended up fruitless and they have all continuously failed to deliver.
PS they also go under the parent company name of "Buy It Direct Group" on Facebook should you care to leave them some favourable reviews?.
Buy It Direct Group are also the parent company of the following subsidary companies:- Laptops Direct, Direct TVs, Appliances Direct, Bambino Direct, AirCon Direct, Servers Direct, Furniture 123.
When you review any of the Buy It Direct Group subsidiary companies Trustpilot reviews it soon becomes apparent that there are many similar customer review stories.
What an absolute joke this company is, by far my worst ever online retail experience that is still not resolved.
For those who would like more details of the Sale Of Goods Act, simply type in the following into your web browser search engine...... OFT002_SOGA_explained.pdf and it should direct you to Sale of a Goods Act - Office of Fair Trading and the link will take you directly to a downloadable booklet that clearly explains your rights.
I hope this helps anyone else going through what I have gone through just to get my kids a comfortable bed.
Finally after some lengthy persistence on my part and two recorded delivery letters copied to both Furniture 123 and the Consumers advice, I received an apology from Furniture 123 manager Paul Fuller and eventually received the missing parts some three months after the order. (At no additional charge to myself).
I then commenced to assemble the bed only to find that in the box containing the 8 bed posts, two of the bed posts were the wrong assembly numbers and had all of the pre-machined holes machined in the wrong configuration. Once again I contacted Furniture 123 and also left a message for the direct attention of their manager,
I received an auto reply from their investigation team informing me that my case would be followed up within 48 hours. That was 2 weeks ago and now I receive absolutely no response whatsoever to any further communication from Furniture 123.
As for the faulty bed posts that no doubt Furniture 123 would request an additional £25 for a replacement?, (further increasing the total outlay to £100), if anyone was unwise enough to fall for this scam!.
I have the tools and knowhow to fix myself, therefore I simply re measured and re drilled the holes and assembled the bed without incurring any further cost or unnecessary delays from Furniture 123.
In my opinion the order was a deliberate scam to extract further funds from customer when they received the goods. the delivery note was a joke as irt did not match the number of packages shipped, so this can not be relied upon either.
This company boasts revenue turnover in excess of £90 million pey year, however read all of the customer reviews on all of their subsidiary websites and you will soon realise they only have one thing in mind...screwing the customer and delivering the worst imaginable customer service ever.
For the Trading Standards and Consumers Advice personnel that are reviewing my complaint, I can confirm that this is my worst online experience ever and these unscrupulous individuals need to be served justice.
I will personally never shop with them or any of their subsidiary companies ever again.
Oh and as for the Seconique Triple Bunk Bed that I ordered and eventually received, this was the lowest poor quality furniture I have ever had the misfortune to assemble and it will definitely not last very long.
A lesson learned by my family and we will definitely only shop online with the big brand name high street retailers that fully meet their customer service obligations and deliver furniture of quality.

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A somewhat more satisfied Customer - INFURN A Company that has frequently failed to deliver on time and needs to improve its customer commitments.

Update30th December 2013:-
I can confirm that I have now received a full refund from Infurn to reimburse me for the difference in price between a standard aniline leather Arne Jacobsen Egg chair and the Special edition Egg chair that I actually ordered.
I also received a full refund on the additional customs charges I had to pay, when imported chair into Norway.
Therefore alomst one year to the date, I can now confirm that I have received all of the items that I originally ordered from Infurn and have been fully refunded for any erroneous customs charges that I received when items imported into Norway..
Original order was comprised of :-
1) Arne Jacobsen Leather Egg Chair
2) Hans J Wegner Peacock Chair
3) George Nelson Blue Wall Clock
4) Eero Sarrinen Tulip Sidetable

As we have now received all of our order and are reasonably happy with the overall quality, I have no further complaints.
The items we have received were a fraction of the cost of originals in Norway, and as reproductions they are not that bad.
In life you get what you pay for. The wait to receive delivery of the goods and receive the refunds due from infurn was longer than expected, however we have now received everything in full and can now rest in peace. Many thanks to Valerie from Infurn customer services, that sorted everything out to our satisfaction.
This was a learning experience for us and although I am pleased to say that we eventually had a happy ending. I don\t think I will take up any more orders from infurn as the wait and uncertainty was not worth the hassle.
Perhaps one day Infurn can turn all of their late delivery and poor customer satisfaction reviews around?, if they can do that then I may be tempted back once again.

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