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Had very few problems so far

I first dealt with this company in 2009, tried to order a blackberry deal but never got a response until now. When I check the website, the order status is still in process. (More than 1 year!)

I was with T-mobile for 7 months, and they didn't agree to upgrade the contract as I made several late payments due to direct debit problem. So I ended the contract and tried this website to get another contract from orange. Surprisingly they approved my application within hours, and I got my blackberry within 2 weeks time.

The only downsides are, orange charge my mobile phone usage from the the day I ordered the phone, not from the day I got the phone (around 10 days after I placed the order). They never updated any status from my first order. I think it's becausemy credit score was low at that time, so they don't even bother contact me regarding the application.


Value for money items so far!

I bought several items already from kiddicare, and they always dispatch the items very quickly, with updates of delivery sent through text and email. They accept paypal too which is a plus.

I bought a set of travel system, baby crib, and nappy disposal system in very competitive prices. I can't really comment on the product quality as I haven't used them, but I will post the update.

it seems they always have new discounts everyday to attract customers, but don't be tempted too much on this as some products are already discounted for ages and you could still find them cheaper in other baby retailers.


Buy your camera somewhere else!

After browsing various websites, I found JOAG as the cheapest internet retailer for Nikon D3100. they was selling the item at £399 with UK guarantee. while other websites selling it at around £440 or more. with £40 cashback from nikon, I was confident that I would save £80 on the camera.

So on the 27th Dec 2010 I placed an order, paid by paypal with the hope they would send the item in 2 weeks or so. 10th January 2011, there was no sign of delivery not even email about the delivery itself. I sent 2 emails, and open a dispute through paypal. Paypal immediately escalated the dispute but on the next day the seller (named Tim Monton) confirmed there would be another shipment coming on the 24th January 2011.

Foolishly, I agreed to wait for the item and closed the dispute on paypal, which I couldn't reopen. Now it's the 27th. Still no sign from them. Tried to contact them thru email but stilll no reply. No answer either from the telephone number they put on paypal contact. I am getting worried. It's been a month already.

I tried to contact paypal to reopen the dispute to get my money back, as well as to to contact my credit card company to reverse the transaction on paypal. And All I can do now is just a painful waiting to get responses from threeof them.

I guess there are lots of people who are on the situation like me, ordering various SLR cameras from JOAG but never got their order nor their money. Next time, I advise you to buy from trusted retailer such as Amazon. The points you should consider: they don't put contact number on their website and the email correspondences don't work either.

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