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Love it

My Care Bear purse arrived in super quick time and was brilliant value for money. Would definitely buy from again.


Sick of Santander

Ever since Alliance & Leicester became Santander, my family and I have had nothing but trouble with our accounts. The latest ones were my mum and I were in our local branch depositing money into an ISA she and my gran share because my gran is housebound, and because no one had deposited anything in just over a year, my gran had to sign a form, so they gave us a form to sign and we took it to her and she signed it. A week later she got a phone call from the branch manager saying the cashier had given her the wrong form and because she is housebound would be coming to her flat to get her to sign it! I wasn't there at the time, so no one could let her in when she pressed the buzzer, plus my gran doesn't allow anyone in if myself or my mum are not there. She has now had the form posted to her, which she had to post back at her expense. Another problem we faced on the same day as trying to deposit money into the ISA was my gran's account in trust for my cousin. She had one for each of her grandkids, and when his sister and myself were 18 she gave us the money. The reason it was easy for us was because it was still Alliance & Leicester. The staff told us my gran would have to come into the branch with ID to prove that she was who she said she was to get the money in the form of a cheque to put in another account and give to him. How the hell is she supposed to do that when she is housebound, which we stated to them several times but they still kept asking if she could get out the house! Eventually they told us she'd have to write a letter with her signature and we would have to show a card with her signature on it as proof, and we did that the Friday after. We were told it would take several working days to get the cheque, so they would send it to us and should be in sometime this week. It still hasn't arrived. If my cousin's money is missing there is guaranteed to be a fight, and my gran is extremely generous, so I bet if she couldn't get the money from the account she'd give him money from her own savings to replace it. Santander are the worst bank in existence, their staff are pushy and don't understand what you are telling them half the time and the dividends my mum and gran receive are worthless (the last being 21p)! I'm planning to move my savings account and my bond to the TSB as soon as my bond matures, the TSB have been fantastic to my family for generations and whenever I go into the branch they don't try to get you to change your account into something else, unlike Santander who will try to get you to take an account that you're not even eligible for! I don't trust them any more, and I wish I could move my bond right now, but I have to wait a year and a half. :(

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Wrong address, and lies aplenty!

My younger brother's laptop has broken, so he called Tesco (where he bought it and it is insured) to arrange for it to be picked up and repaired. They called me back asking which address they wanted me to have it delivered to, and I told them to deliver it to my gran's as we were looking after her that day as we do most weekdays. The person on the phone said that's fine and would pass it on to DPD. I gave them my mobile number so they could text me with an available timeslot, and received one the following morning telling me it would be picked up between 10.40 and 11.40, so my brother waited patiently for them, but no one showed. We gave it a further 2 hours, so he called Tesco, but they were useless and put him through to Dell who just tried selling him something, so he hung up. I tried but they did the same thing, so I hung up and used 118 500 to reach DPD. The girl from customer services I spoke to told me after I recited my gran's address to her that it was a different address on the system, which was my home address. This meant that DPD had gone to my home address after I specifically told the person on the phone to call at my gran's address. I asked her if I could arrange for a pickup tomorrow at my gran's address again, and she said yes, but I would have to ask Tesco to arrange it. My brother managed to do so, and Tesco apologised. I did believe it was Tesco's fault at that time, as I believe it was poor communication that led to the van turning up at my home address and not my gran's. I received a text the next day (today) saying the pickup was arranged between 12.45 and 13.45, and as my brother had maths tuition to go to, I stayed in and waited. He returned at 2pm, but still no one had shown up. We waited until 4pm to see if maybe a driver had been delayed, then called DPD customer services. I asked the girl why it hadn't showed up today either, and she made up some excuse about it taking 24 hours for the address to change in their system and there was no delivery for us today. No one informed me of this yesterday, the girl on the phone yesterday told me it would be no bother as long as I contacted Tesco and got them to arrange it. I then asked if the delivery wasn't arranged, why did I get a text telling me it was? Furthermore, the girl sounded like she had a bit of an attitude and did not want to deal with me; she just wanted me off her back. She then asked if we would do it on Monday, but no one will be in, as my brother is back at school, my mum and I have work and my gran is too frail to deal with this. My brother phoned Tesco yet again, and they have "upgraded" us to get a Saturday pickup, and this time it has to be from my home address. This will be the third day in a row we have waited in (my brother is to deal with it, but wanted me there backing him up in case anything goes wrong). Two days have been wasted already, and to make matters worse, I have been lied to, as there was a delivery today, once again at the wrong address: my home address. I wish Tesco used someone else, because now I realise it is not their fault, DPD have just taken the address from our insurance policy and lied to me about delivery times, dates and addresses.

03 June 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Lauren,

I'm sorry to hear about this. Please be assured that I've made our customer services team aware of this, and I've asked them to contact you as soon as possible with a view to resolving this matter.

In the interim, please feel free to contact us at if you need any assistance.

Kind regards,


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