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KNOWHOW delivery man steel my expensive perfume from toilet

Hi all genuine customers.
A delivery from currys through knowhow done to my house on 25.05.2013. Delivery men came in around 3:00 pm and fixed my item in hurry and very reluctant to reply to my questions, but not surprised as they are delivery men and not a technician.
However, they told bye and went and start the car. Driver came out of the car and knock the door and asked me, if he could use the toilet. I happily allowed him in to use my toilet, even though I am a bit keen on cleanliness and tidiness.
After having his pee, he gone home. In the late afternoon, I was getting fresh up to go out and look for my perfume, one of the three ( which was full and only used once) and is the 150 ml one was stolen. I am the only one in the house for the last one month and no one used this toilet. That morning I sprayed a bit in my hand and thought, wow that is wonderful one. Afternoon, that had been stolen by this CURRYS idiot driver.
I complained them on Monday and asked them to conduct an enquiry. Got the complain number and wait for updated. Next day, people from KNOWHOW or CURRYS called me and said, " Oh, there is no evidence. so will keep an eye on them". When they asked me for details on the day before, they even did not ask, who and how he look like, whether driver or the other one".
I was really upset about this activity and carelessness of CURRYS and KNOWHOW.
They will never ever get a business.
Also the television they delivered was not even bubble wrapped while delivery.
CURRYS and their KNOWHOW are hopeless, lack of knowledge, very poor idiotic customer care and useless.
Poor customers, please do not allow any CURRYS and KNOWHOW delivery men let him in to private rooms, knowingly or unknowingly.
They can even don't bother to harm you and their management team will say, there is now evidence and so cannot take any action.

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