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Only interested in themselves

If it goes OK - no problems. But to be honest, putting some tickets in an envelope is not difficult. Once it goes wrong, they havea 'seetickets says no' / 'you'll get what you're given' / customers don't matter attitude. it's all their convenience and nothing about the customer. And this was when they made the mistake! Dear knows how they'd treat you if you dared to do something wrong. Oh well, I'll just have to go elsewhere for tickets.

Travelex UK

Very easy, very good

Easy to order on line, good rate, great location at airport, easy pick-up. Buy back at £4 allowed me to overpurchase without worrying about having currency left over and return process only took 2 minutes. Excellent.


Only good if it's easy

They're fine for buying from but once it gets difficult they're rubbish and they lie to you as well. I had tickets for a gig and they hadn't turned up 5 days before. When I rang customer services the rep told me the tickets had "come back first time as you put the wrong post code in". The same postcode as I've always had for Ticketmaster orders and never a problem before. When I asked them what the postcode problem was or what was the wrong postcode I'd given them or how I'd given them a wrong postcode... no answer.. I had the promise of a return phone call, which never happened and the CS rep practically shouting over me that it's all my fault and "how's that Ticketmaster's fault?" Typical big US outfit grabbing ridiculous amounts of money in 'service fees' and delivering no service.

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