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Had an Online order delivered, Impressed with the Service

Ordered my First Online shopping for Home Delivery, Everything ordered was present, they delivered in the time slot, and the driver was helpful.

Veered away from the fresh produce and meat, as i like to pick these out myself, but took advantage of the tinned, frozen and anything that was on the heavy side such as the bottles of pop wanted for the Christmas and new Years Period.

I will be using the service again, Very impressed

This was delivered from the Enfield Depot


Very Fast Delivery and good Communications

Bought a phone online from and it was delivered the very next day, had a few questions to ask, so i rang them and they were very polite and answered all of my questions.

Very happy with the service and aftersales

Lloyds Bank

Does not care, Will Not listen

Like a fool, i bought some tickets for a concert and paid by bank transfer, this was not off of a site.
So when it all went wrong, i contacted the police and went to my bank to make them aware of the problem.
I did not go to the bank to ask them to rectify this, i simply went there to let them know that i had paid money to a fraudster, now when i got into the branch and explained what i had done, i was handed a phone and a number to call, after being put through to several service employees on the phone, i was then told something which i could not make out on the phone as it was a bad line and the service employee had a strong accent, then the line went dead.
I then spoke to a member of staff in the branch, and the answer i got was, nothing to do with the bank, we cannot help you.
Now it was not help i was in the bank for, it was to give the information on the fraudster, but nobody wanted to know, they didn't even take down my name or account number, or even want to know the name of the fraudsters account or bank.

I know it was my fault for falling for a scam, but you are always told to report these things to help build profiles of criminals, so if anything like this this happens to you, don't bother going to a Lloyds bank to let them know as they could not care less.

Especially the Enfield branch


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I use UPS whenever i need a parcel be it expensive or heavy to be delivered on time.
always get the parcel collected promptly, and if the driver is late, i get a call to say when he will arrive, they have never let me down.
I use interparcel as a 3rd party, and customer service with both companies are 5*


Fantastic Reliable Service

I use UPS whenever i need a parcel be it expensive or heavy to be delivered on time.
always get the parcel collected promptly, and if the driver is late, i get a call to say when he will arrive, they have never let me down.
I use interparcel as a 3rd party, and customer service with both companies are 5*


Appalling Service, Have to wait whilst they investigate their own system

I ordered a Laptop and it was great, but within a month it would not charge, had to send it back and order a different model as the original was out of stock,
the new laptop had 1 week delivery time, which was fine, but when this date arrived, i looked online to see that the delivery had changed and was now another month away, so i decided to cancel.
i then ordered another laptop which was delivered in good time, but when i went to use the bluetooth, i discovered that they had sent me the wrong laptop, or should i say the right laptop but the description was wrong, they stated it had bluetooth, but it did not, i phoned them on friday and was told that i would be contacted soon regarding this, it is now monday and no phone call, so i decided to ring them again, and was then told that i would have to wait up to 10 days whilst they investigate, but this is an internal matter as the laptop ordered is not fit for my purpose as it does not have bluetooth.
looking on the website at the laptop they misold me, it now does not say bluetooth, but only for the black model, the other colours still state bluetooth, so although they have changed the description of the black, they will still have problems if anybody orders another colour.
a truly inept way to sell goods.
i will also be contacting trading standards regarding this as the item bought is not fit for purpose and the sale of goods act will verify this.
still waiting on very to get back to me, either by phone or email.
i am a very unhappy buyer

whilst writing this review, i had an email from very, stating i should contact the supplier, yet i bought this from very and it is very that i paid for the item, not the supplier.

disgusting way to treat customers

19 October 2013

Reply from

Hi Mandy,

We're very sorry to hear that the laptop you received was not as described on our website. We will be able to look into this with our supplier if you would like to email us at

Many Thanks

Very Network Team x


Not the best but good for low value items, NO Customer Service

I send on average 20 parcels a week with this company, and get a problem with 1 in 50 parcels.

They are very hard to contact if you have a problem, contacting them via the internet is a waste of time, and when you ring them to sort out a problem, you are charged 10p per minute.

The company itself does not seem to have direct control over the drivers used, and so it is very hard to get a direct answer on where and when parcels are delivered / left for the customer.

they also seem to have a problem with there own computer system in regards to finding addresses, as i have sent several parcels to well established addresses, by this i mean not new addresses that have just been built, and when this happens, they do not deliver and return the parcel say that delivery was attempted, yet no card was left as they just do not bother to try and find the address.

even though i put a contact telephone number on all of my parcels.
a simple call to the customer would resolve lots of small issues this company has.
and the use of a simple sat nav would also be an advantage.

but overall, you get what you pay for, and if i have a package that needs to get to my customer quickly or if it is valuable, i use another carrier.

So if you want a cheap slow service with some sort of tracking, use Myhermes

if you want a faster secure service, then use UPS or FEDeX via interparcel

but i do give my customers the option


If you are going to buy it anyway, why not get something back?

Great site, get a little something back for something you would buy anyway, plus you get the the heads up on deals and discounts

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