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Worst customer service ever!

Partner and I decided to go London for a day trip with my baby and little did I know I would receive the worst possible customer service everrrr!

Thought we'd go to the restaurant (Best customer service i seen in the restaurant, with the manager helping the customer in front of me, all polite and nice & rest of the staff in there were all smiles) to get a drink & feed the baby so whilst partner did that I went around and shopped..
Found a dress for friends wedding and walked to the tills, no hello or smile from the staff, I asked if I could use my student card and he said with attitude 'FINE' then pressed some keys on the keyboard then said 'THERE YOU GO' still with attitude! Asked me if I wanted hanger, I said no but he still put it in the bag! Then colleague turns up n asks for keys or some sort and he walks off knowing that I was standing there waiting for the receipt and my purchased item! I stood there looking confused and ended up taking the receipt OFF their machine MYSELF and took the hanger out the bag and walked back to partner, the more I thought about it the more I couldn't take it. I'm paying for a product and there I was getting attitude! Complained when manager was there and all the staff did was make excuses & funnily enough his tone changed in front of manager! Manager was a disappointment as he did nothing but stand there and look at us! NEVER EVER will I step foot into that store again in London!

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