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Great concept, ruined by power hungry moderators

In principle, HUKD is great, find great deals, buy/sell old items, freebies, competitions. A good one stop shop.

However, all the goodness is destroyed by power hungry moderators who get a kick out of suspending someone at every opportunity, regardless of whether in the rules or not. Sometimes you get suspended for something vaguely within the rules, but open to interpretation, sometimes you get suspended even if it is not in the rules, just because a moderator thinks it is.

They are quick to suspend and never move away from this. They are like the FA, come up with ridiculous ideas that no one else agrees with.

The best way I can describe HUKD's moderators are like traffic wardens who wait for your paid parking ticket to expire and 1 minute later you have a ticket, or for being slightly outside a box junction, or being on a kerb. Basically the lowest of the low.

It's not even worth going into details of where they have got it wrong, but a perfect example is being suspended for attempting to outbid someone. Apparently that is not allowed, even where the seller had not yet agreed to the sale with the previous individual. I as the bidder was suspended. Where is the logic. The previous bidder even said, "feel free to sell to the higher bidder", the seller of course would surely have preferred more money and I was willing to pay more money, so in the end three people that between us have no issue for complaint. Then comes in the moderator and suddenly I'm suspended for a breach of a rule that isn't even in the rules!!

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