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Great concept, poor customer serivce

The concept of Quidco is great, and when it launched it was a true pioneer.

However now, with rivals offering a similar service in the marketplace I wouldn't choose to use them again.

When a purchase is not verified (which happens VERY often, don't believe the 98% stats on their website!) you have to go through a maze on their website to find the contact form. If and when you do find it, staff do not read enquiries correctly, and usually fail to follow them up. This has happened many, many time to me.

For this reason, I've turned to an alternative cashback site and so far purchases are tracked accurately and quickly and CS is prompt and courteous.

21 October 2013

Reply from Quidco

Hi Chris,

We do know we can never be complacent in this industry and constantly making improvements and additions to the site to offer services you can’t get anywhere else. We are compassionate about providing our customers with a service they’ll love.

Most recently we have added a Quidco header at the top of the page. This will give you easy access to contacting our customer support team no matter where you’re located on the Quidco site. We also, now have teams who specialises in areas and aim to answer your specific needs in a timely and courteous manner.

With this in mind I do hope you will consider giving Quidco another try and give us the opportunity to turn things around for you.

Kind regards,


Yellow Jacket Mods and Childish Userbase

This site is a great idea but 2 key things let it down:

Moderators are power hungary and will suspend for no reason; I've posted offers and been suspended saying I'm promoting companies! There's no help or respect for newbies.

Users could be offered a brand new car for one pence and some would still find a reason to flame you... "I don't like that brand" or something equally as stupid. It really isn't a way to welcome newbies who are the lifeblood of a site like this.

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Groupon UK

Don't believe the hype!

True bargains on Groupon are rare... this company hype up deals. Just search around, you'll usually find comparable deals with better service. If it does all go wrong they refuse a refund and insist on crediting your account (credits expire in 12 months) so they've always got your money.

Poor due diligence conducted on partner companies, I guess they are desperate for deals.


Everything costs extra

Dire airline, dire service. And it is actually more expensive as they charge for everything as an extra. You have been warned.

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Pet Supermarket

Arrived next day!

Fast service and a great price, only complaint is that there was no VAT invoice enclosed in the delivery for my accounts.

Magazine Group

Christmas Gifts Ruined By Incompetance

I order 2 magazine subscriptions from Magazine Group as presents for relations at Christmas. The order was placed on their website on 30th November and I received a confirmation email telling me which card would be debited and which issue my subscription would start with.

A week after the subscription should have started and I was made aware no magazine had been delivered to either person so I chased Magazine Group. Initially they fobbed me off telling me I had to called Holland to deal with Time Magazine. I did, and after much searching Time couldn't find the order. I called Magazine Group back and was told they'll escalate and report back with a solution in 48 hours. Needless to say they didn't.

I called them again a week later and was told they only act as an agent and due to data protection laws cannot chase up problems on customers' behalf.

What's the point in using them?

The orders don't get actioned;
If there's a problem they can't/won't help.


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