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Poor Customer Service & Attitude

After many years of buying our Electrical appliances from this company, I am bitterly disappointed in their attitude, Firstly we had bought a PC and were also sold their "Know how Plan" which they guaranteed if there was a problem with the PC -it would be fixed. Took PC into local store in Livingston, where we were advised it had a faulty disk reader? and they would have to send it for repair - this went on for over 3 weeks- when we approached the store to ask when we would have our PC back, they were very evasive, and stalled by looking in cupboards, checking their systems etc - they advised it had to be sent off and had been collected by a courier - which had a tracking no - however they were unable to track it. To cut a long story short after approx. 8 weeks they admitted they had LOST our PC, and they would replace it for a like for like machine. As I had personal data and photos on my computer this was more upsetting - After making a bit of a fuss and asking to speak to the manager they advised they would try and trace our hard drive and return it to us. We were given a new PC - and they also gave me our supposed hard drive- however GUESS WHAT - When I took it to a computer technician at my work he advised the hard drive I had been given would never have belonged to my PC - this was someone else's hard drive - with someone else's personal info/data - when I queried this with the store - they were uninterested and shrugged. Personal family photos lost forever!! Next - I went to buy a washing machine - online it states free delivery, and £20 installation - order by 9pm for next day delivery - however the systems were down. Stupidly I went back to the above store, picked a washing machine, only to be told by the young salesman, that it would be 2 weeks for delivery - I queried this quoting the online info, however he stated that delivery earlier than 2 weeks would be charged at £20 plus another £20 for installation, then tried to sell me the monthly insurance incase of breakdowns etc - advised after our last experience with this, I would not be interested - he left to speak to his manager - on his return he advised his manager would waive the delivery charge so I could have a washing machine this week on the condition that I purchase the monthly cover - Told him to forget it. This store appears to have no customer service ethics, they try and sell useless policies and take no responsilbiity when things go wrong - only interested until they have your money. Needless to say went elsewhere, bought the same machine which is being delivered this week - free delivery, free installation and free recycling of old machine. Would not recommend this company.

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