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Quick customer service responce, bad products.

I bought two packs of The Impossible Project's PX100 silver shade film for my Polaroid. Upon asking customer service if I could buy two packs of film made in the same month (quite important for my project as their film isn't very consistent), I received a reply stating I could get next day delivery which was completely irrelevant to my question which was never answered.

I decided to bite the bullet and order two packs anyway. After picking them up at work, I looked on the side of the pack to find both packs of film was produced in July 2012, when the shelf life is 1 year, leaving me less than a month to use both packs. Also, the boxes were very dirty and didn't look like they had been taken care of. They weren't crumpled or damaged, but did look like they had been left in a corner of a warehouse and not been touched since they arrived.

Overall, quick delivery but disappointed with the quality.

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