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Do not go anywhere near unless you like headaches!

We have a full service with talk talk which started in March this year, after several phone calls and undelivered promises the internet was eventually working after over 2 months.

The TV service was also not working properly during this time, after several emails having had enough of trying to get any common sense out of anyone on the phone, shocking the service is still not working.

Tried to cancel the TV service today only to be told we have to give them 28 days to fix the problem or we will be charged, well we last reported the problem in April, it has still not been fixed and were told that the email doesn't count as we have to call to report a fault! As we are now in June I think it is fair to say they have had more than the required 28 days to fix the issue! Not only that but we would be continually charged during this period at full price while they were trying to fix it!

Why have the email option if you can;t use it and why then not respond to the email stating we need to call.

We have cancelled the service and will be cancelling the direct debit payment tomorrow they are trying to charge us £450 as a cancellation fee stating we are still in contract even though they have not been delivering the service we are paying for. We have also been told we will face further charges if we cancel the direct debit payment..

Not only are they trying to charge this, but they continued to tell us that they were a multi million pound company and that if we tried to take them to court we would lose! Not sure where they got that from as I am fairly sure it would be there responsibility to take us to court for any money they think they are owed!

The error message displayed which said they were aware of the problem and trying to fix it was pointed out to the customer service operator who stated they couldn't see the message so how can they see what is in front of us, basically accusing us of lying!

We have had nothing but problems from day 1, it took ages to get the internet service working and as for there customer service do they really think that after the first time you have called that you wouldn't try to reset your box or router first especially after an 1 1/2 on the phone!

Get the service shut down I have never come across anything like it, not only do they offer a shockingly bad service, do not deliver on what they have agreed, but then try to use intimidating tactics because things are not going as they would like!

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