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Lack of acknowledgement when parcels go missing

We have used this courier for 6 months, we have had many parcels go missing, they are not small parcels they are 13kg, they are rubbish at telling youa parcel is lost, they say it's misplaced. they then make you prove your purchase, of goods ie invoices. you then have to prove the sale and the postage. We are still waiting 6 months on for claims for lost goods back in December. The couriers use their own cars and will bang and bash your parcel to try and make it fit. If your parcel doesnt fit, they just leave it and say they will come back for it, but normally they turn up the next day, making your parcel late even though you pay for a delivery service. In my eyes this is the worst run delivery company out there. I have discontinued using them as customer service is non existent and staff can be quite rude.

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