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Simply Electronics Ltd.


My own fault for not reading the reviews of them first, but I made an order with Simply Electronics, then read the reviews (wrong way around). So I cancelled the order.

Simply electronics then replied a day later saying they were not accepting my cancelation unless I e-mailed them to cancel again (and that they would give me a free 4 gig memory card not to cancel). So I immediately replied to that e-mail saying I had already cancelled the day before, and had not changed my mind. A week later I call to find out how my refund is going, and the operator tells me they are having 'technical difficulties', and they did not get my second e-mail, so they had not cancelled my order, and I was on 'hold'. He accepted they did receive my original cancel request, but were ignoring it until I called them. He then said I had to send yet another cancelation request, and they would start the process from the second cancellation (he did say they would process the cancellation the same day, but still said that it would take up to 14 days to get my money back from the new date). Call me weird, but I would have thought that when you tell a company you have cancelled your order, and they acknowledge you did cancel it, then they should refund your money, not put you on 'hold' until you cancel it again (after they 'lost' your confirmation that you did indeed want to cancel).

All I can say is I should have read the reviews first - dodgy company, caveat emptor (still waiting for my money back).

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