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A continuing SCAM

They tie you into a 'live' price through Skyscanner, confirm your payment details then don't confirm the flight! Hours later, you see the same price for the same or LESS (i did) with other agents but you are now tie to Opodo's system as they then have the right to maybe buy it for you for the next 48 hours as hidden in their Terms and Conditions.
Well, sue me, but when it says 'LIVE' price an ALL the other agents CONFIRM AND BOOK the ACTUAL SEATS they have at that time, then we all assume that Opodo would do the same, right, rather than scam us pretending to have a good price LIVE (but not really having it live at all)
They then promise to call and don't - have a premium number and a long hold, and agents and managers who go silent when you reveal this well known SCAM to them.
HOW do companies like this still operate..? Why does @skyscanner co-erce with them to facilitate this scam ongoing..?
Close this corruption by exposing it, people.

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