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Distressing and Expensive experience

On Friday 31st May 2013 my cooker broke so the following day I went to Curry’s to get a new one.

I was delighted that it could be delivered the next day. Although it was a Sunday I arranged for an electrician to be there to install it. When he went to do this he discovered that one of the connection terminals was not functioning.

After several telephone calls I discovered they had no more of my chosen product in stock so I had to travel back to the store to choose an alternate one. This time I had to wait 2 days for delivery so I decided to pay them to install it this time.

Upon arrival their handyman (not an electrician) could not possibly touch it as in was not a 'legal' installation. (My home has been rewired within the last 10 years by a qualified spark) So I had to pay another spark (qualified) to do the work.

As I will never set foot in a Curry's store again I am still waiting for them to contact me regarding a refund. I phoned them yesterday and was told they will be back to me within 24 hrs and when I heard nothing and phoned them today the told me they would be in contact within 72 hours.

This experience has cost me £600 for the cooker, 2 elecrtcial payments, a delivery charge, telephone costs (they never phone you back), a curry's handyman installation charge, time and diesel. A very expensive cooker indeed.

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