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This outfit will not communicate

Every year, for the past eleven years, I have paid my water bill over a few months. Every year United Utilities have sent me dozens of threatening letters and made dozens of threatening phone calls. I have written to them and phoned them, but I get nowhere. This year will be no different. Why can they not communicate? Why have they no email address? Why do they waste so much money?


Several items were 'out of stock'

Placed an order with Asda when I was ill a few months ago, but I was disappointed when the goods delivered were missing several basic items that, in my experience, are nearly always available in the store. Daft really.


No frills means 'no frills'

For the price, it was fine. The in-flight staff were extremely pleasant and more than helpful. I would fly with this outfit again.


OK, but only OK

Not sure whether its my age, but to most of their people at the Middlebrook store I seem to be invisible. Breaking into their inter-staff conversations leads to dirty looks. Not exactly rude, but indifferent.


Good price and great service

Absolutely no problems at all.

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Maurice Halton
Male, 1943
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Got born, have lived; what happens next, I wonder.