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Too many ads

I do hope to win big one day but the repetitive ads and trying to get people to buy the same magazine subscriptions kill me!!!


1st experience

Well Last week was the first experience I had shopping with PinkIce because their clothes are a little out of my student budget but I got some wedge sneakers that I've been dying to have but they were on SALE! The cheapest online. Plus they were having a sale on top of that which made it where I virtually didn't really even pay for shipping. Delivery was pretty fast though.


So good so far

I've placed 2 orders with them within the last year. Items look expensive but are good prices. They have these crazy sales (which draws me in anywhere). The quality seems good. I placed my order on the 7th and got it yesterday (Oct 11) so shipping is fast. Just wish you could track the package through your account on the site instead of it being emailed to you. I hate going through my email but I am a faithful customer for now...and I hope to see the company grow....PLEASE BRING BACK THE " KISS MY ABS " TOP!!!



I placed an order once a couple months ago. It was for a high low ombre skirt and it was half off, they were having some promotion. The skirt was cute but I didn't like the material and it was kinda big on me, because it was on sale I couldn't return or exchange :(. The site is pretty nice but the prices are way over done. I just saw some shorts on there for $50 when G Stage Love has it for $12. I see that a lot, plus they take forever to restock and sell out of my sizes quick.


Great prices but....

I placed my first order with them a few months ago. The items were of pretty good quality but the good thing about the company is the prices are so cheap and they're selling a lot of things found on GoJane and 2020ave and UrbanOg for way less, the only things is the cothes go out of stock fast, there's not a huge selection, they could provide more details such as percentage of material that the clothes are made of, what size the model is wearing, how to care for the cothes, and they don't accept returns, just store credit, which is the main reason why I haven't bought anything else from them, what if you can't find anything else you want ?


Well, I've been buying from AMI for over a year now, I usually buy things I don't see elsewhere, or that is sold out, like simple maxi dresses for cheap and jumpsuits (that are pricey) and I must say the quality is pretty good but there's so much that's not so good.....the shipping is sky high and they are constantly having promotions (I think because some of their prices and shipping) but you can't combine the two. Then once last year, I ordered two things, one came in the mail, I emailed them for weeks and called receiving no help and finally they send me an email stating my refund was issued because they were sold out of that item, yet it was listed. I was very disappointed and frustrated that I didn't buy from them for a long time. Also they don't accept returns (when more and more HUGE stores have changed that policy), I don't like that and that's why I hesitate to buy from them. Plus their clothes sell out fast and they don't restock until months after the fact. The site itself is hell. Theres thousands of products but when you type in " leopard crop " polka dot leggings are also popping up, the site has a great design but it needs serious upgrading. They definitely need major changes. Because the promotions and shipping of every other popular trendy site is going to win me over every time.



Well, I first found 2020Ave a few years back when they use to have all these cool unique tunics no one else had, but I recently gave them a try and I'm skinny and have a hard time with finding clothes to fit me like I want them too and I ordered two high waisted denim shorts and they fit! So thin women, this is your place. One of the shorts are being sold everywhere right now, GoJane, Urban Og, countless other places but they're like $35-$40 and they were on 2020ave for $29, so they are looking good on price when compared to everybody else. And shipping is super fast, I placed my order on Saturday, and it just got here today and it's only Wednesday, I am definitely hooked, plus they have promotions/discounts on holidays!



They have trendy clothes for good prices and they have things like the bow bandeau tops in colors that everyone else have sold out in. I first purchased from them last month and only returned two items because they didn't fit (skinny girl problems, I encounter these problems all the time) but the only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because they don't have a huge selection to choose from and they never have promotions not even on holidays but I only think that's because it's a small online business.


1st time buyer

I found the site and was excited, though they don't have a huge selection the prices are so CHEAP and they have a lot of things other places don't like in stock linen pants and cargo capris. I ordered about 5 different colored linen pants for $70 and they're cute but the material is not as good. I'm thin and the small was kinda tight in the thigh area, I don't know if it was because of the material and their free shipping minimum is higher than most of the places I know of, excluding Nasty Gal and NecessaryClothing. I might buy from them again to see if their quality is sitewide because even NastyGal have bad quality sometimes, I'll give it another shot in the future. I also would like to add that they don't really provide a lot of information about the clothes like the size the model is wearing, the measurements, what kind of material the clothes are made of


1 time buyer

Well, I think they have some really cute clothes but their prices are too high for a full time student, such as myself and I once ordered a dress for $58 and it was horrible. The black and white Saints and Sinners Dress.... the top part was stretchy but the bottom part was unflattering, stiff, and the material was not good, it should've been stretchy like the top part. Then it was pulling or whatever its called when it seems as though the stitching is coming out. So my thing is, expensive're really just paying for the name tag because I see items on the site that are on GoJane for $16 and Nasty Gal has it for $30. Call me cheap but I'm not paying more for something made of the same material. Is it really worth it ? That dress wasn't. The only reason why I gave 3 stars because I love the design of the sight and the selection of clothes.


I'm a fan

I'm been shopping at Wet Seal since 2009. I liked their clothes and their prices. Though I won't say they have the lowest prices, I will say they have a lot of sells, the notorious " Buy one get one for 1 cent " clearance sale in stores.... I always seem to find something good. Also I think their quality is pretty decent, the only thing is that they don't restock, I HATE THAT, I absolutely hate that but they do have extended sizes and great promotions. I always take advantage of their free shipping promotions. The other things is this is a place for teens mostly, they sizing is in Juniors and you see a lot of teen stuff, I wish they had more clubwear but I just wish they did restocks and at first they didn't accept returns but now they do, so glad a lot of companies are converting!


Sizing is way OFF

Well, I've been ordering from them for over a year now and I love their style variety, meaning you can be preppy, party girl, school girl, and sophisticated and chic. I love that they have x-smalls too and around Christmas they shipped my things within 3 days to get it before Christmas, which is amazing. BUT their sizing is wayyyyy off, in bottoms specifically. Their quality can be an issue too, depends on what you buy, but their jeans are weird too. I'm tall and thin but my legs are oddly short and their jeans seem to flatten your butt, but are wide in the hips and tight in the calf area. Like no one's shaped like that. And their infamous $10 jeans. Not worth those $10. Then they sometimes misrepresent an item with the wrong picture and don't respond to those emails sent on the site. And I didn't like how at first in store they only issued store credit but they changed that now thank goodness. I just wish their quality was better and that their jeans didn't fit so oddly


Afraid to buy from them again

Well when I first stumbled upon the site last year, I thought I had found gold. Trendy clothes, super cheap prices but this site isn't like Agaci or UrbanOg.....the quality is very cheap. My rating comes from my last experience with them. I ordered 3 bottoms, 2 were leggings. One of the leggings were cheaply made, too small and just....horrible. The other leggings were too tight and the material was very thin, the other bottoms were okay but I couldn't for the life of me think of how to style it so I sent the whole order back. Tell me why I get an email saying one of the items didn't meet their return policy or whatever....BS. They were just trying to make a profit because it came without tags and I didn't wear them. So they sent it back to me and honestly I wish I would've just kept the hard-to-style pants because I got stuck with one of the cheap leggings. Now it's for sale on Ebay and I'm afraid to buy from them due to quality. I wouldn't recommend shopping with them. If you do, BEWARE.



Well I've only ordered once from them and ordered 2 things (crop tops) and I love the fact that there's no shipping. I hate paying for shipping but one of the tops were cheap (like $8) and the quality was very poor but the other one was cheap too, cost more but still cheap and I love it, shipping time was good too though. Also they are expensive, a cute crop top was like almost $30. I'm giving it a 3 because I haven't had much experience with the site and I guess it depends on what you buy, regarding quality, and the majority of the items are very expensive.


Faithful Customer Until Further Notice!

I absolutely love this site! It's one of online shopping's overlooked and best kept secret. There's a great selection of items, you sometimes see things from Forever 21 for a lower price, the jeans are cheap but of such great quality, they offer a wide selection of colors, overall their items are of good quality, their free shipping minimum is $50, and shipping isn't bad itself, and their sizes are on point, and the BEST part is that they actually send a prepaid label in case you want to return something, no other site does that, I'm a online shopping addict and they are still the only ones that do that. They only thing I wish is that they had more....more high waisted denim, more crop tops, restocked more items, and had more wedge sneakers. But I love the site and will recommend it to ANYONE who likes trendy clothes for good prices. See I'm a college student and Agaci fits right into my budget. ALSO, I wish you could write reviews, that would be really helpful, either write reviews or ask questions like GoJane.


CONFUSED, I love this site!

Well, I really wasn't expecting so many bad reviews. I've had pretty good experiences with UrbanOg. I've ordered over 4 separate times from them but had to return the clothes because I'm tall and thin and weird-shaped and it's hard finding clothes that actually fit me. I love the free shipping minimum, they have the latest trends, and they have a lot of items you don't see on GoJane and their items don't sell out quick. The only thing is they sometimes don't restock popular items, they don't have extended sizes, from reading the reviews of the scuffed shoes and knowing they don't have a prepaid label....I'm afraid to buy shoes from them, and I do not like the fact (it's new thing they just started) that if you have to return something they deduct the shipping cost from your refund, they really should think about doing something different because what if I have to return one little thing, I can ship it back for less than $4 (think it's for profit) & their dresses are pricey, just like GoJane's but usually they are a little cheaper but still pricey.



THE GOOD: Okay, customer service is the best, they have extended sizes, their clothes are usually good quality, and this is where I get most of my shoes (I only trust them) and shipping is really fast, I live on the east coast in the south and usually get an order within 3 days. Like nobody else does that......NOBODY! Then they always have really good promotions, like a few times a month. Free shipping when you spend $30, All shoes buy one get one for $10, buy one shirt get the other for $5, and shorts up to 50% off. Which is why I love them so, no one else can compete with their promotions.
ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: I started to notice when ordering shoes online that they were coming slightly bent or scuffed, so I stopped buying wedges and boots was like either they were trying to get rid of the " ugly " ones or they got the flaws during shipping and handling. Also, when they sell out an item it can take forever for them to restock. The other things is the minimum for free's $65. I wish they could bring it down some. And their jeans and shorts seem to run large. I also wish that people could either ask questions about the items or write reviews.
OVERALL: The employees at the mall are always super nice and friendly and their promotions are insane. I don't think I'll ever stop shopping with them.



Okay, I've placed over 10 orders with them and must say overall I love the site. Not only are the clothes trendy but they have everything! Sandals, basics, clubwear, casual clothes, and basically the latest styles. The only thing is I wish they sold extended sizes (x-smalls) because I've only sent back items that were too big to fit me (I'm tall and thin with a super tiny waist) and the shipping is pricey and the minimum for free shipping is higher than Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe and UrbanOg (places I shop frequently). Also their items sell out fast and sometimes it takes them awhile to restock them and their jumpsuits and dresses can be expensive (usually find it for a lower price on UrbanOg). But their clothes are of good quality, a lot of people think if it costs more it's better ......SO NOT TRUE, a Nasty Gal dress I bought for $58 seemed so poorly constructed and the material was horrible. And if you don't like an item for any reason you can return it with no problem, hassel-free. Reminds me of my last experience with LoveCulture.Com. The items were cheap and I sent the WHOLE order back and I guess because they were trying to make somewhat of a profit they claimed one of the items didn't pass their inspection and sent it back to me but Gojane's CUSTOMER SERVICE IS GREAT and so far they are the only place that let's you write reviews AND ask questions but sometimes if my reviews aren't great, they don't post them and I don't like that.



Okay I rented a textbook from them last semester and they don't offer a portion back even if it's in good condition (other places do). Then I JUST sent them a book (sold my old book to them I mean) bought this past January and it was in EXCELLENT condition and only used a few times. I bought it for $100. They didn't answer an email I sent and didn't make it CLEAR of fees or the possible sell back prices or how it works......NOTHING. Do you know I just got an email saying I'm being sent a check for $7. Like seriously, I could've at least sold it on Ebay for $50. RIP OFF, I don't even recommend renting from them since they're so shady, I'm deactivating my account TODAY.

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