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The worst service ever !!!!!!

A nightmare, those companies has to stop their call centre abroad !
have you experience spending more than 4 hours on the phone without getting your message across, being cut off several time, being transferred to several countries as philippine and india, not understanding the strong accents, expressing yourself without being really understood, talking to some people that following script whatever you say ,keeping repeating the same thing and feeling that they dont care about you and the most important thing for them is the script ? When you lost your phone, you usually call your provider and receive a replacement card, all that in 4 min max with talk talk you will end up talk talk and talk 3 hours with them and ending with 3 sim cards with different number and a bill of 145pound then you will decide to cancel, but is like your are in prison whichever department they transferred you, you wont be able to be understood, they has no power, but the worst with talk talk is that there is any service with english peoples so is like talking to a wall. For each transferred, you will be asked the same questions, security questions + the same process + the same script and even if they are in the wrong they follow the script without resolving the problem. you will contact the complaint number who bring you back to the customer service and you spend another hour listening music, being transfered and answering the same question and you have to remain polite. And because you understand that is not their fault they follow a script and rules and they dont leave where you live and dont really no what you expect from them, have different culture and customer service in their country you remain quiet and polite. Even if you are a top communicator is not enough. you will ask yourself what carnegie will do in this situation ? He will say good bye and maybe write a letter. your next move would be to write a letter, not paying them because you didnt resolve your problem and wasnt able to speak to someone that can understand you and + their are in the wrong. They deserved to go to court for wasting your time, upsetting you, make you lose money, psychologically chocking you, make you feel like sh**t and i can go on and on and on !!!!

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