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They Lie about Inventory Levels

Beware of these folks. They lie about their inventory levels. Things may show “in stock,” when in fact, they don’t have any of the parts at all. Also, if their inventory shows a part is in stock, that does not mean that it is in stock for new orders. And, on top of this, they charge you the full amount right away.

If you order from these folks, you better like their awful telephone on-hold music, because it plays the same 5-second snippet of music over and over again.

They have a policy to ship all in-stock parts the next business day if ordered by a certain time. Of course, my parts didn’t ship the day they said. They shipped two days later.

I ordered a three-part assembly for an appliance handle. When I placed the order, it showed they were all in stock. Even the confirmation email showed all were in stock. This was a lie, because I only received 2 of the parts. The packing list showed the third was on backorder.

When I called the first time, I was on hold for about 25 mins, listening to the horrible on-hold music. The person who answered was eating a bag of potato chips while talking to me. There was a lot of loud crumpling and crunching noises on their end. She essentially told me that it would be in stock on the following Monday, and would ship out right away. I explained that this was causing an unnecessary delay for me, and could she please expedite shipping. She refused, which I thought was odd, considering the inconvenience they were causing me.

So I called again on that Monday, to see what was going on. This time, she said it might come in the next week. No guarantees. Another delay. I also found out that if there are other pre-existing orders which were placed before mine, the part might already be designated for them instead of for me. So even if it shows in-stock, it might already be delegated to some other order.

The person spent a lot of time defending the fact that their inventory is not accurate. I don’t want to hear excuses. None of this matters to me anyway. All I know is, I don’t have my complete assembly needed to repair my appliance.

I finally cancelled the order for the third part. I found it elsewhere from someone else who actually has it in stock and doesn’t lie about it.

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