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Great site .

Great shopping experience . Easy everything . I would definitely recommend it .


Love to shop in person at their stores but hate the online store

I would recommend Home Depot if you go shopping there in person . Now if you order online this is a different matter . Just get something that you're not in rush to get ! Takes forever ... I just don't understand how some sites like Wayfair manages to process their orders within a day and that Home Depot takes for ever !


Love it ..

Great selection, and they have daily sales . The shipping is amazing, you get your order within a couple of days . I love it .


Bad experience - no telephone numbers .

Ordered this week . I was entitled for the 2 days express delivery, which was why I ordered as need the clothes for this week end . Come to find out that despite the 2 days express delivery written when I made the payment , in the confirmation email it says otherwise over a week almost 10 days .
No US numbers to call to talk to a representative ! In other words this site SUCKS HARD ... Good luck getting in contact with them ...the tracking is nearly impossible , just says in transit with an estimated date !

I would never have bought it had I known there was no numbers to call in case of problem ! Hopefully I can cancel and get my money back minus shipping fees , Can't stand the fact that they are not keeping their end of the bargain and that you can't talk to anyone . I feel cheated ... I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS SITE AT ALL !!!!

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