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Eon Uk

Deceptive tactics and outright lies

Having read about these inept puppets, I feel very much for all the reviewers. Having had to explain the tariff back to a manager and he "agreed" it was confusing but still did nothing to rectify the issue of being over charged with a misleading tariff. I now have a bill with £20 debt collection agency fees added on even though there is no last bill or letter from this thieving agency. Seems standard that they think you will pay the £10 charge if they keep adding it to the bill yet not explain that is what the extra payment is. The paper bill doesn't have a breakdown or explain the total amount contains a charge from the debt agency, just makes out it's for the amount of electricity used.
I will not pay the debt collection part as I didn't last bill, will pay the bill once they have sorted out the fact that on (economy 7) with a manual switch - why oh why does the off-peak get changed when the installer specifically said it could not be changed, are we being conned into paying for peak times on the sly? And why after talking with neighbours (flats) have they all had a £400 pound bill on average when it has never gone over £200?!! I tried to contact them via their own site to ask how to pay the bill in my name as I didn't have access to the account and had only public internet and was not prepared to pay online with my card details. Gave my phone number for them to contact me at a convenient time - nada. No response although I did get a call at from an unrecognised number after 6pm not at 2pm (as specified) with no message left!!
Too many discrepancies, they do not answer your emails or their "contact" page on their website which conveniently does not give you a choice to have a copy sent to your own email address! All set up so that you do NOT have a comeback. Extremely arrogant and underhanded. I will be switching suppliers to an open one who can understand what they are selling and apologise when they make a mistake. If they want to chase me for the debts they can as I will have great pleasure in going to court with all the evidence of their mistakes from the last five pleasure!

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