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Vibox Ltd

For saying I paid £1.3k the build seems rushed and there was no known attempt of real communication with me during it.

The main issue was with how the Zalman CNP S12X CPU Cooler was fitted, rather than pulling cold air from the front, and pushing hot air out at the back, it was fitted pulling already warm air from the PSU at the top, and pushing hot air out at the bottom, right up against the graphics card, which would likely cause it to overheat quicker, leading to it being throttled dropping performance drastically and for it's lifespan to shorten significantly. I don't see any reason or excuse for this, and I spent the initial couple of hours rectifying this. That would have been easier too, had the documentation for the Zalman CNP S12X CPU Cooler been in the box with everything; I had to take the thing apart removing the PSU and graphics card just to get to the tiny thumb screws to undo the thing, then using my own thermal compound, costing me even more, when refitting the thing. The original application of thermal compound was a mess and it was even on the motherboard. Besides that, I bought that case, because of the side fans and good air flow, now I obviously didn't realise how big the Zalman CNP S12X CPU Cooler was, and they had to remove the side fans to fit it in, that's fair enough. I would have expected a phone call, an email, just any attempt at contacting me to say "hey, this is too big, we can either take out the side fans, or fit a smaller CPU cooler/heat sink, which would you prefer?". Then the cables are an absolute mess and are rammed in, it looks like the may even be excess extensions where they aren't actually needed, there are even wires going along the back of the motherboard straight across where the CPU socket is, I feel there's a risk that the jackets may melt and wires may contact and short the motherboard.

Due to my experience of the build, I have doubts over the quality of the over-clock but I've had no issues with that as of yet; though a few settings in the UEFI weren't ideal.

I would however like to give my thanks to Sean from the forums, who was the only real good thing about the whole experience, his advice checked out every single time and without his customer service, I wouldn't have bought this from Vibox. Maybe he could've mentioned the size of the S12X but likely he didn't know off hand.

It could've been a lot, lot worse I guess, I could've bought a mac.

I would only recommend Vibox to somebody that could confidently build and configure a computer on their own and I would have happily waited a whole month so the time could be taken on doing a proper job and me be contacted when I should.
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Intel Core i7 3770K 4-Core Ivy Bridge CPU over-clocked @ 4.5GHz
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H Motherboard
Geforce GTX 670 2GB Graphics Card
2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz Gaming RAM
1TB (1000GB) Sata III Hard Drive
240GB Corsair Force GT Solid State Drive
CIT White Vantage Gaming Case
24x DVD-RW Optical Drive
Corsair Gamer Series GS700 80+ 700W PSU
Zalman CNP S12X CPU Cooler
Gigabyte 6150 Wired Optical Mouse & Keyboard

Cost: £1,322.30

10 June 2013

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Apologies for the issues you have had, Customer Service has been in contact to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Thanks for your feedback, we will use this to improve standards further in future.


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