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Hot Tub Barn

We have absolutely nothing but praise for Hot Tub Barn

From our first visit to the Chelmsford showroom, Hot Tub Barn have been a delight to do business with. We have lots of spa suppliers closer to hand - but I've become a big fan of taking advice from TrustPilot reviews ever since I had a bad experience with a bedroom supplier ('Hammonds' - read my review!) and wish I had taken the TrustPilot advice of many of their customers before dealing with them!
I'll not rant on about how much we enjoy the hot tub 'cos I think if you're reading this you already are fairly sure you want one, and already know just how relaxing a soak in one can be.
But I will urge you to buy from Hot Tub Barn because for such a financial commitment, you don't want anything to go wrong, and, with only a single exception, ALL the reviews on TrustPilot are positive. (If you're unfamiliar with TrustPilot, hardly any company gets 100% positive reviews)
In the showroom, when we were gathering information, Stephanie was a great help. She answered all our questions fully and we never felt any pressure to make a commitment to buy. Initially we had planned to shop around, and Stephanie was OK about that, and gave us lots of advice about key things to look out for wherever we shopped. We returned to the showroom the following week complete with our swimwear and tried a few tubs, had even more of their fresh coffee, and made a securing payment on a spa.
We were given all the technical details about the base requirements and electricity supply and over the next few weeks we prepared the site. Hot Tub Barn were very relaxed about delivery - i.e. they would fit in with our plans, and when we had the site ready and the supply cable installed we made arrangements for the tub to be installed.
Dave and William arrived on time on the scheduled day, and installed the tub in a very professional way - Dave had obviously done it many times before and William was his able assistant.
From start to finish there was only one very minor problem - and I think the mark of good customer service is how problems are dealt with - in particular keeping customers informed:
A week before delivery, Gail called to say there was a problem supplying the correct cover for our hot tub, but that they would fit a suitable one in lieu until the correct one arrived.
This was all OK with us, and a day or two after installation, Hot Tub Barn called to say the cover was now with them and they could deliver on Friday. They phoned to confirm on the Thursday, and on the Friday, their engineer called first thing in the morning to advise us when he would be arriving. Perfect!!!
If, like us, this is your first hot-tub experience, be prepared for getting used to daily and periodic maintenance. Although it's neither time consuming not difficult, you should be aware that to keep the water fresh and sparkly you must add daily treatment, and periodically clean the filter, test the water for alkalinity, pH and chlorine content etc. We bought a years supply of all necessary chemicals, and these arrived with the hot tub. Stephanie advised us how much of each we would need, and they arrived with the tub, all neatly packed in a convenient plastic crate.
As for advice on choosing your tub, visit the showroom and be prepared to get in to tubs to try them for size - particularly if you're quite tall like I am.
Although they all come with a variety of jets and water features - and certainly the massaging effect is very relaxing, we quite like sitting in the warm water with the jets etc off, just enjoying the peace and quiet after a busy day at work.
Finally... our tub came complete with a free rubber duck. Who could ask for anything more!

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