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E-Bay is no longer fair to the seller!

I have used E-Bay for a little over 14 years and in the beginning it was a great way to sell. Now for some reason they are all for the buyer and have spit in the eye of the seller, the ones that make them their money. We sellers can no longer leave negative feed back even when it is deserving. Case(s) in point. I have had 3 in the last month, not for what I have done wrong but for the buyers sheer lack of being able to use e-bay and the tools of e-bay. I sold a gift card, mail it, posted the tracking number and did what I was supposed to do only to have the woman that won it use it, then file a claim saying "item not as described". She had a full refund, got $120 of free stuff and never sent the card back to me. E-bays response "nothing we can do". Typical!! I sold a jacket to a buyer, had to file a non-paying bidder report to get paid, 6 days later, payment finally received. Posted tracking number mailed jacket, customer had in 2 days. Left negative feed back stating "unresponsive" but never looked at his purchased items on their sight to find tracking number. E-bays response "nothing we can do". Again typical E-bay pre-programed response. The third negative response....sold a diamond ring to a buyer, I immediately e-mailed them as to when I may expect payment, again NO RESPONCE from buyer. I sent 4 e-mails in 4 days, no response. I contacted another buyer for a second chance offer, they accepted. before I sold ring to them I contacted first buyer with a "cancel bid". they immediately responded and cancel the transaction. Three days later, I get negative feed back for an auction they want to cancel. Again E-bays response "nothing we can do because that's how that buyer felt" BOTTOM LINE, E-BAY HAS TURNED INTO AN I DON'T CARE COMPANY AND IS OUT FOR THE TOTAL PROFIT AND IS SCREWING THE SELLERS THAT MAKE THEM THEIR PROFITS. E-BAY HAS NO PROBLEM GETTING MONEY FOR YOU, THE SELLLER, THEY JUST TAKE IT. THEY HAVE NO CONCERN ABOUT RIGHT OR WRONG JUST PROFIT. THANKS FOR PUTTING YOUR COMPANY IN THE PHILIPENES AND ELSEWHERE, WHERE THEY CAN GIVE A STANDARD PRE-PROGRAMED ANSWER.

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