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Worst customer service ever

Prices may be alright but I've never had a good experience in any Currys. Staff just loiter about talking amongst themselves not acknowledging customers, when they do finally "assist" they have no bloody clue about the products or the services they offer.

Every now and again I pop into the one in Brixton, Effra Road, just because it happens to be right in front of the flats where I live so it's somewhat convenient. Today I was intent on buying a tabletop fridge. Having waited 15 minutes for someone to help, (everyone seemed too busy walking to and from back-of-house areas) I finally find someone and point out the fridge I want to buy. Not wanting to pay £23 for delivery I ask if I could borrow the wheelbarrow they used to take it out of storage for literally 15 minutes. They say no problem, just leave a £50 deposit. I get to the till to pay and the manager seems to have a different opinion, they don't lend wheelbarrows, apparently "it costs £120" (as if I'm going to steal the thing!) and I would be holding up the store man from doing its job. Even the first shop assistant tries to convince him that apparently it's something "they've always done" but nothing, falls on deaf ears. She looks at me and I walk out of the shop, never to walk into any Currys ever again.

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