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Worst service I have ever received, PATRONISING AND USELESS

If I could give them less than a star, I would. I simply wanted to upgrade my iPhone. My order had been cancelled multiple times and they could not even tell me the clear reason why. When I fixed it myself, I was told I would receive it the following day. Waited around all day to NOT receive it. Was told I was going to receive a £50 voucher because I threatened to cancel my contract due to having to spend over £10 to ring 5 useless morons on Customer services. On the Monday the voucher did not come with my phone. When contacting them again I was basically called a liar until they finally traced the 2 seperate calls where I was told by two males I was definitely going to receive this voucher. By then I had dealt with 8 different members of staff over the phone. When I then went in store also, the man who served me asked me when the iPhone 5S came out, which was 3 days before and he doesn't know this yet works in a phone store? Then tells me I can't use the voucher yet for my 5S because all cases are a different size to a 5 as it is slimmer. Which is not even true as I had already done my research. All these people should not be working for this company as they don't have a clue what they are on about.


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A little disappointed

I have never had problems with buying from before but I was slightly disappointed with my last purchase. I had bought a shirt along with a £15 camisole to go underneath. The main reason I made this purchase was because it was free delivery when spending over £30. A few days later I received an email saying the cami was out of stock so they had refunded me for it. This was a little annoying as I bought it to wear under the shirt. I would have preferred it if they had contacted me about, offering an alternative or offered to cancel my order (like the company I work for do) This now means I would have to make another order to get a cami, but I aren't going to do this as I would not get free delivery. A little disappointing from Topshop....


How are they still in business!? AVOID YODEL

Ok so this is the second time I've had a bad experience with Yodel. The first time was the worst. I had been told my day and time of delivery for my iPhone to be delivered so I decided to just stay in the whole day and listen out for the knock on the door. In the end there was no knock, only 4 hours later from my (honest) neighbour asking me if this parcel left by her WHEELIE BIN was mine. Firstly they had put the wrong house number on the slip of paper and through their letter box (although it stated on the parcel the correct number) Second - They did not even knock on my door in the first place. Third - Who leaves a parcel by a BIN!? My neighbours could have kept that £230 parcel if they wanted, as I had no idea this had been left at theirs. I then had no response to my complaint. Today I received my next day parcel from Missguided. When I received a text learning it was being delivered from Yodel, I prepared for the worst. They decided to not knock on my door again, and instead left a slip saying "left in a safe place" which happened to be my porch, which is open for any member of the public to approach. THAT IS NOT SAFE. Whenever I have mentioned YODEL to anyone else, they have also had nothing but negative things to say about them. They never seem to bother knocking on customers doors and leaving parcels in ridiculous places. LAZY STAFF, POOR SERVICE, RUBBISH COMPANY

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12 June 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Laura,

I'm here to help.

If you email your full address and contact number to, I can get onto this right away :-)



Disappointing Service

I was so pleased when the courier delivered my dress I was relying on for Saturday night earlier that day. However, after ripping open the parcel a pair of bright coral size 14 chinos were there instead of my size 4 dress. The labels on the outer packaging were correct (my name and address) but the invoice inside was a different one. I am surprised such a silly mistake could have been made. I contacted Customer Services (through email as there isn't a number to contact) In response I just got an email they would send to anyone with an incorrect item, and a 10% off code for the next time I want to buy something, which isn't great because I'm put off buying again and it runs out next month! And I now have to go to the effort of returning someone elses package. Very disappointed with ASOS

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