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I have been using Streetshirts for a very long time now, and it's very rare that I am ever disappointed with the results, recently however, the performance has dropped significantly. With mine and some of my friends orders, they no longer meet their dispatch guarantee when a few years ago they would, every single time!

This time around, I was unable to log into my account on the website for reasons unknown (I think it's something to do with email addresses being case sensitive, which should be looked into also), so I had to make an order as a guest, which I don't like doing since I can't review my order on the website, but I needed the shirt for a set date (which by the way, passed over a week ago now, so the shirt is no longer necessary...) so I had to make do.

The order was dispatched several days later than their usual guarantee, and I can appreciate that if they're very busy and struggle to meet demands, but this was just ridiculous. On top of that, the shirt simply never arrived. This order was made over a month ago, and I have emailed multiple times which were ignored, until I get redirected to the help-desk site, to which a man named Daniel simply said to contact them again if the shirt hasn't arrived, which I already stated... Daniel's reply was 12 days ago. I replied TWICE, once 11 days ago and again 6 days ago, to which I have had no response.

This has been the worst experience I've had with Streetshirts and has put me off ordering from them again. I can appreciate that it is hard to meet demands sometimes, but ignoring your customers, particularly regular customers like me whom have spent hundreds of pounds on products in the past, is not an acceptable way to behave. The help-desk feature is supposed to HELP sort of issues, but it's just another way to get ignored it seems.

I do not appreciate paying money for something that I never received, and I hate being ignored for weeks on end even more. I will re-write this review when my problem is finally resolved, if it ever gets resolved, which looks pretty doubtful to me.

Edit: In response to the reply from StreetShirts. Thank you, I am grateful for the reprint, but as already stated, the shirt was needed for a set date which has since passed. I can appreciate that it's not your fault if something gets lost in the post, but at the same time, leaving paying customers waiting for such a long time to get any kind of response just isn't good.

I am unaware of anybody else contacting me about the problem, I have received no emails or responses to the helpdesk website.

26 September 2013

Reply from

Hi Andrew,

We are sorry to hear that your order was delayed in getting dispatched and became lost within the mailing system. Secondly we apologies for the delay that occurred in us responding to your support ticket, however another member of our customer services picked up on your unresolved ticket that hadn't been replied to. She issued a reprint and your order is currently awaiting to be pressed, and should be with you shortly. I will also be emailing you a voucher as we failed to meet our estimated dispatch date.

With regards to the issues you encountered on our website, we apologies for having to use our guest checkout. However our new account feature on our new website will allow you to access all previous designs linked to your email address, including those designed as a guest. They will all be available to be customised and purchased. New features such as this are being released as a result of our customers feedback. If you have anymore suggestions such as the case sensitive email issue, then please don't hesitate to let us know.

We apologise for any inconveniences the delays may have caused.

Kind regards,


Whilst purchasing my laptop online and picking it up in-store, everything was nice and smooth, with the exception of automatically adding anti-virus software to your checkout basket (very sneaky, some people might not even notice), thankfully though it can be removed.

The laptop itself that I purchased was the following: Lenovo Z580, Intel® Core™ i5-3230M Dual Core Processor, 15.6" HD Screen, Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1000GB HDD, DVD Rewriter, Dedicated GT 635M 2GB Graphics, M81K8UK

Now, I paid just over £530 for it, and I'm not entirely convinced I've got my moneys worth. One of the keys has fallen off ALREADY and I've had it no longer than a month. The laptops actual performance however is good, except for the flimsy keys and a not-so-responsive touchpad...

I'd like to know if Box offers a service to replace missing keys or rather to apply them back on to the laptop, I still have the key, but I can't get it back on myself.


Problem Resolved

This review has been modified after the Wowcher response:

There was some friction with getting a rather serious issue resolved and the email had taken a very long time to be responded to up until I wrote my previous review, however, they have kindly resolved the issue and provided an excellent good-will gesture of refunding us the credit in full.

THAT is much better customer service, so now I'd like to thank Wowcher for finally helping me resolve this issue quickly and efficiently.

Thank you.

10 June 2013

Reply from

Good Morning Andrew,

Thanks for your review and I'm sorry to hear what has happened in regards to this deal.

We have checked our inbox and we are unable to locate any emails from yourself. Please would you email us on and put TRUST as the subject title and we will look into this straight away.

Kind Regards


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