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Arrived promptly - no problems

Item arrived promptly via Parcelforce. Emailed me when it was dispatched with a tracking number. Nothing to complain about.

No experience of claims, but easy and good value

So much better value than paying the car hire place to reduce your excess. Very efficient online process of application and renewal, with docs delivered by email, which is actually much more convenient for me than paper.

I've not had any claims yet, but no reason to doubt them.


Incompetence is one thing, but lying through their teeth is quite another

We ordered a bouncy castle and helium balloons from ASDA direct for our daughter's birthday party. It was ordered on Wednesday and we paid extra for a timed delivery before 1pm on Saturday, so that we had the goods in time for the birthday party on Saturday afternoon.

We tracked the parcel mid-morning on Saturday - rather cryptic codes etc, but we managed to work out that it was showing that the parcel was still at the Vauxhall service centre. I therefore wasted a lot of time on the phone and internet trying to get through to Yodel, but they ignored all attempts to contact them.

At 1pm the parcel still hadn't arrived so I called ASDA Direct. They said they would call Yodel for me and call me back. It apparently took them half a hour to get through to Yodel, and when they did they were told that the parcel had been "held at the customer's request". Complete nonsense: why would I hold the parcel as it was for the birthday party that afternoon? And besides, I would have no idea how to do such a thing even if I wanted to, as their online tracking system provides no such option, and it's impossible to speak to them by phone. The only common sense conclusion is that they forgot to put it on the van, and instead of apologising or offering to let me pick it up from the service centre, they make up a lie to try and cover themselves. Pathetic.

One very disappointed 2-year old, and an exasperated father. If they were just incompetent that would be one thing, but I am not going to do business with a bunch of liars.

(ASDA Direct were obviously stupid to have chosen Yodel as a supplier, but they did at least have the courtesy to apologise and give me a full refund. And credit to the nice lady at the ASDA Direct call centre who helped calm me down!)

My previous recent experiences of Yodel have been just as bad: in one case they claimed that they had left a card when they had not left any card (and the parcel then turned up late eventually). In another case, they claimed they had left it in the porch. Odd because we don't have a porch!! In fact, they had left it with a neighbour, and had not put a card through to tell us where to find it. Again, it's the lying that shocks me.

As an aside: I have no idea what the other reviews are talking about when they say they got texts or emails from Yodel telling them what was happening - we got nothing. In fact, I think it's quite likely that the 5-star reviews on here are fabricated by the Yodel themselves. They seem very ready to lie to their customers and to the people they deliver to, so I expect they are lying here and fabricating reviews.

I'm a busy person and don't really have time to shop around. But I will definitely from now on always check before ordering online whether Yodel will be delivering. And if so, I will buy elsewhere!

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10 June 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Jeff

I'm eager to help you with this. If you would like to email your details to us at, I can assist you further.


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