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The last place you should buy a laptop

My son saved his pocket money, Xmas & birthday money and bought a laptop at PC World on the Isle of Wight. Poor performance we put down to out internet broadband connection so eventually we upgraded it. By this time the lap top was 9 months old. We took it back as thought it needed repair. To cut a very long story short, they took it in 3 times promising each time to send it to the manufacture and 3 times called us to say it has been repaired in store. Each time we got it home no difference. Manager was disinterested and told me I had no rights under consumer law as it was 9 months old and we had to take it up with the manufacturer (completely untrue). Had an independent technician look at it and he said he had never seen such a low spec computer. It was not capable of doing what was needed and what we told the salesperson in PC World we needed it for, i.e. homework and gaming. My son cannot play games on it as it can't cope with most. I contacted Dixons (HO) and went right to the top but this made no difference and I am now in the process of going through the on line small claims court. They are disputing everything so we just have to wait and see. I will post the result here when we know.

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Animed Direct

Affordable pet care

Website was easy to use, delivery prompt and best of all even with having to pay the vet for writing the prescription, far cheaper than buying from the vet! In fact we couldn't afford the on-going medication we needed if we had to buy it from the regular vet. This way our dog gets the pain relief he needs without us having to worry about how to pay for it! He was elderly when we got him so no chance of insuring him at that stage. Full marks for a good service. Will definitely use again!

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