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Never,ever deal with this unfunny joke of a company.

Signed up for broadband and phone.Phone got transferred ok and got couple letters from them saying sorry for broadband delay but it wouldn't be long so sit back and relax and don't worry. 20 days passed no router no letters no nothing got in touch via webchat help asking what was happening only to be told they had cancelled my broadband order after they phoned me once and i never answered cause of mac code issue run out of date thanks to their delays.Asked why they didn't send letter or email saying there was a problem no answer and he cut off the webchat after i asked again.
Now they have sent a bill for broadband that i don't have and want another month in advance, really couldn't make this up also went back to my old provider and changed my phone back as well.
oh and the 1 star if for the £25 voucher only thing that went ok.

Customer service and help is a disgrace.

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Colin Waterson
Dumfries, United Kingdom