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Exante Diet

Does what it says on the tin (or packet!)

Having tried other VLCD's in the past, I was motivated to try exante primarily because of the very competitive price. I ordered bars and shakes as I prefer them. I started this six weeks ago, and kept a diary which has been helpful.
Initially I lost 10lb in 3 weeks, and then a further couple of pounds, but I have reintroduced food after a month. One careful meal a day plus 2 bars or shakes.
Looking back I can see that I haven't been drinking enough water, too much tea and coffee which I cannot drink black, so have been having 150mls of skimmed milk per day (sorry but needs must!)
I now seem to have plateaued, which is not really OK as I have another stone to loose. So back to 3 shakes/ bars a day and only water or black coffee.
I love the vanilla with a spoon of coffee, as a luxe latte. The strawberry is lovely and really hits the sweet cravings.
I can see these products propping up my eating habits for months to come, as I reintroduce food and begin to go out socialising again, as I have been a bit of a hermit! They work for me, as they are so portable and the bars really feel like a proper treat, and get me through the afternoons when my will power is at its weakest, and I crave something sweet and satisfying.
I highly recommend these products, and given the price, the quality and flavour is amazing.

11 June 2013

Reply from Exante Diet


Thank you for the 5 star review.
But you really need to give the milk up, and drink more water, it will be worth it and you will see that your last stone melt away in no time.

If there is anything that I can help you with please contact me as I am always happy to help.

Thanks again Jeanette

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