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No contact after numerous messages sent from their site and not receiving the goods I ordered

I ordered an mp3 player from their site, asked for it to be delivered to my home, Big mistake. The company they use for their home deliveries is one I've never heard of and never wish to have dealings with again.

The delivery driver rang me the day that he attempted the first delivery, while I was out at work, and asked if it was suitable to post it through the letterbox. I lived, at the time, in a shared house but there was only one individual with keys to the box on the door and I've had numerous other deliveries made to that address over the 7 years that I had lived there. This was the first that I knew of that had not turned up.

I rang the delivery company and asked if they'd maybe delivered it to the wrong address and was given a very lacklustre response, not very helpful at all. When they did eventually respond it was to tell me that it was no longer their problem and that I should make a complaint to Argos so they could investigate.

After sending several messages from the website I received absolutely no contact whatsoever in response to my claim. Utterly pitiful, do not use this company ever.

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