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O2/Telefonica- disgusting customer service- try cancelling or upgrading LOL

For months Ive been advised i an eligible for an upgrade by text, i do as the text says, call in to which i wait for 20-30-40 minutes. I sit patiently (remember i have a day job and dont sit on my backside all evening) and still dont get through to anyone. Like any sane human being, i do eventually loose patience- and dont get me started on their choice of music. I am reminded my call is important to them! (apparently) so after many months of trying i still have no luck (obviously my problem as i dont have the patience to wait for over 30 minutes).

So i go to their wesbsite and see 'CHAT', i think wow, this is amazing i can get immediate answers and actions. Silly me, i am told i am eligible for an upgrade after we've gone through security (well done, i explained this in my opening paragraph). I am then told theres a 30 minute wait times to speak to someone in upgrades (on CHAT). At this stage Im at boiling point as it seems impossible to speak to anyone and get what i need. Considering how painful this has been and after over 10 yrs of loyalty i decide to leave O2! I ask the person serving me how i do this, he states that theres a 30min wait for the cancellation team for CHAT and call. Brilliant!

So as we speak i am now waiting on hold (ON CHAT) to speak to someone to cancel my contract. This is NOT customer service and its certainly not something I'm willing to pay for month on month. My Vodaphone contract and service is pretty much golden in colour, whereas O2 and the lovely Telefonica are a rather unpleasant brown! I would never recommend and will never use them again!

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