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Terrible Customer Service

I asked Advanced Group to quote me for two bay windows to the front of my house as I wanted to reduce the noise that was coming from the road in front of my house. They quite happily came to my house and said that triple glazing would make a huge difference to the noise coming in through my existing double glazing units.

They proceeded to tell me about the excellent heat retention of the triple glazing windows, but I explained quite clearly that I only cared about the sound dampening qualities.

After much assurances about the fact that they would make a huge difference and they wouldn't ask for payment until I was happy, I eventually decided to purchase the triple glazing windows.

On the first day that the fitters came and instlled the first window, I let Advanced Group know that I wasn't happy with the sound reduction, as it wasn't any different from the windows they'd taken out. They ignored this, but on the second day as soon as the job was finished, they asked for payment.

The next business day, I had the sales director phoning, threatening and eventually coming to my house and blocking the driveway demanding payment.

When I tried to show him how little difference the windows had made, he proceeded to open the windows, close them and stated that the windows did make a difference. Not exactly a scientific or fair comparison.

To cut a long story short, I now have triple galzed units, which are no better than the old double glazing units. And am several thousand pounds worse off. The windows themselves are alright, but I certainly wouldn't say they had been fitted well. Each mahogany facing board on the inside has some 20-30 staple gun holes, and the edges have been almost sealed with copious amounts of translucent mastic.

I wouldn't recommend this company, nor belive a word they say. Their behaviour is awful.

Limo Broker

Lies Lies Lies


I phoned these people on a Saturday morning looking for a Hummer for my daughter's Prom which was in 2 weeks time.

They promised me that they could supply the vehicle and I even had a choice of Pink, White or Silver.

After getting a quote, I continued looking around some other companies and eventually came back, purely because they were offering a Pink Hummer, which I was having difficulty finding available at short notice elsewhere, so if paid the "deposit" for a Pink Hummer.

The very next day they emailed me a confirmation showing that I'd booked a White "Jeep Style" Limo, and my deposit had been taken already.

This was not what I requested AT ALL, and when I phoned them about this, they told me there were categorically no Hummers available to hire in my area, and that I must have mis heard their sales person. I heard perfectly clearly and had repeated the request specifically for that vehicle type and colour.

After several phone calls and emails. I finally got through to [name] in their "Customer Care" team, . She refused to do anything about it and would not refund my deposit even though the booking was just made and they couldn't deliver what I'd asked for. She even lied to me and said that she'd talked to me the previous day and explained it all and I'd accepted it. This was patently a bare faced lie, as we had no such conversation.

All very friendly when promising things they cannot deliver, and all very friendly when taking your money. Totally unfriendly when you try to complain or ask for a refund.

I have found this company completely unprofessional, untrustworthy, disingenuous and deceptive.

Note they use many trading names and websites:
Transport Broker Group
* limobroker
* carsforstars
* coachbroker
* Regency

I will never ever deal with this company again and would stringly advise nobody to deal with them, but rather go direct elsewhere.

I subsequently found (with a little more effort) a local company offering exactly what I wanted. I suggest everyone else does the same.

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