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The one star rating is purely because there's no option for no star at all! Yes, they have one of the lowest prices on the net, but their customer service is beyond belief. Bought an HDMI TV with none of the HDMI ports working (we have checked repeatedly - all our equipment and HD cables worked with the other TV), so we returned it after Sony technical helpline gave up on finding the fault and since the TV was still brand new. The TV was sent back at the beginning of January. DirectTvs then took 2 weeks and a LOT of chasing to test the TV, then claimed that they 'have tested everything and it works' and so they will be charging me an additional £75 to send the tv back to us, which includes a fee for the testing. I asked what would they do if the TV gets back to me and it's still faulty, and they just refused point blank to take responsibility and deal with it, saying that I would have to deal with Sony directly since it's past their 7 day exchange policy. I asked them to please test it again just to confirm, as it's such a big hassle trying to sort it out again if it gets to that. They said they would test it with another blu-ray player and get back to me. Next thing I knew, I received an email saying that the TV is going to be sent back to me the next day - no consulting me, no checking that someone's going to be in to receive it, nothing. So I contacted them again, and they basically maintained that they have checked again and they're returning the tv to me. Having no option but to take their word for it, I arranged for it to be sent on Tuesday 1st February.

What an experience - I thought arranging for a delivery would be the easy part, but apparently even this is too complex for their customer services team. Like a lot of people, I work full time so I had to make arrangements with my employer to get the day off to wait for the delivery. I waited the whole day, and nothing. I rang them just at 4 pm on Tuesday only to have them tell me there's been a 'mix-up' and the TV is still at their warehouse but it will definitely be sent for the next day. I had to rearrange my schedule to be at home for the next day with my manager, only for them to ring back at 9 PM saying they're really sorry but they can't deliver on Wednesday because the Parcel Force van that was supposed to pick it up got into an accident (yeah, right!). Long story short, I rearranged it for today (Friday) but guess what - they still haven't learnt how to arrange for a delivery yet! I was told yet again this morning that Parcelforce had just picked up the TV today so it won't be getting to me anytime soon. This time, the customer service rep was blaming Parcelforce...something about the barcode not working. When I pointed out that they should have arranged for PF to pick up the TV yesterday or even before, they fell back to 'There's a mix-up and we're really sorry but there's nothing we can do. We're waiting to hear from a manager in PF to tell us when they can deliver to you so as not to mess you about' - a bit too late for that! So now I'm out of £600, I have a faulty TV (with their difficulty in arranging a simple delivery, I very much doubt that they have the capability of testing a tv!) that's gone missing, and I'm running out of annual leave - all thanks to Direct TV and their OUTSTANDINGLY, ABYSMALLY DISMAL customer services team. I will be making a formal complaint and taking this further with the Trading Standards. Think twice before using this website.

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