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Absolute rip off company DO NOT GO WITH THESE SHARKS

We went to Menorca recently and hired the car through Rentalcars.com
The company they connected us with in Menorca was Gold Car.
Got to the airport and they take you to a remote location to the Gold Car depot.
Right here we go. You need more insurance - one hundred euro please.
We said no thanks, don't want it.
They said ok in that case you pay us 650 euros deposit on the car which they hold in case you damage it. We said ok.
Well in my house I don't have a credit card but my wifes credit card has never been refused by any other hire company. But, no, they said.
So we have to walk away with no car.
Got back to UK and phoned RentalCars.com
No refund they said because we cancelled the deal. No we didn't. They would not give us a car. It says on the hire agreement we need to take a credit card. It did not say it must be the drivers card. But it is like talking to a brick wall.
Rentalcars.com are a total rip off and work in cahoots with Gold car who are also a rip off.
Going to call the bank tomorrow to see if we can get our money refunded with their help.

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