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Never again will I go with orange/EE.. shocking disgrace!!

I have three contracts with orange..one contract (which is just a SIM ONLY) in particular i renewed at Christmas 2012. The operator recommended i take 300mins, unlimited texts and the u24 bundle (U-ltd texts and calls to orange, t-mobile and EE + 1GB internet) this was, he said "based on the usage over the last year" the first bill came as shock, over the bill was a three digit figure, not the £10 as promised. I then rang orange following that bill they explained that actually the minutes had ran over..

Next month another extortionate bill, of course this meant another 40mins-1hour on the phone on hold and explaining my issue, (being recommended this tariff by orange based on previous usage) i eventually managed to get orange to accept liability for the wrong/misleading information and they agreed to up my minutes to 500 free of charge..

Since then there have been several more phone calls with me taking names and extensions of operators in the hope they will relay some information if needed. I'm still being overcharged.

One operator who left me his name told me he can understand exactly why i'm so frustrated with orange. He explained that when orange upped my minutes, they stopped my texts? WITHOUT me knowing?
This is the new reason for high bills. he spoke with his supervisor and they between them agreed to give me unltd calls to all networks + unltd texts to all networks + U24 package which would come into effect June 8th 2013. He also said he would credit the account £120 after admitting liability for the mistake which again was down to orange and he stressed NOT ME!

The latest bill came through as another high bill, after being told I'm in credit £120 the last thing i expect is any bill at all..(orange owe me money at this point remember).

31st May, I made another long winded by this point very annoying call to orange where YET AGAIN i have to explain everything in the outset. No operator is aware of changes made to accounts or issues. Do orange even have internal communication or do they just put a post-it on their screen? This operator agreed i shouldn't have even been billed and sent the bill for questioning for me with the assurance of a call back in 48Hrs max to resolve this ever ongiong waste of time and headache. they called back about 4-5 days later and left a voice mail saying..(i'll cut it down) "bill was correct".

Wed 12th June Tariff still hasn't changed as promised. I called orange AGAIN they say now i haven''t been credited £120 and the tariff hasn't been changed. Eventually after being asked to explain my situation TO A DIFFERENT OPERATOR, the operator hung up on me after nearly 40 mins on the phone. Great!!

Issue still unresolved I'm out of ideas with this company. I'm fed up of wasting my time on them with operators I have to strain to understand.

I have several friends in the same position all of which left orange at the soonest possible chance regardless of offers. They said they will only end up paying more in the long run with orange.

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