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1 Star isn't low enough

I've been without signal for over 5 weeks now. Originally I thought nothing of it, because I figured any issues would be solved fairly quickly. How wrong I was.

I tweeted their "Customer Services" team who asked for a Postcode. I gave them it and they provided a vague response that said there was a fault with a mast and they were working to fix it.

5 weeks down the line and many tweets asking for more information have received the same response.

My Signal finally came back last Friday for about a day... Then a pigeon flew into the mast or something and I'm left without signal again.

I'm not happy paying £36 for this service, so I enquired about reducing it for this month. I ended up on the phone to and Indian Call Centre, were the operator could understand me, and I couldn't understand him. So I gave up.

I was then encouraged by Three's official twitter page to file a complaint on their website. That was a week ago and I've heard nothing from them.

I've still got about 18 months on my contract with them, but I'm more than tempted to fork out how ever many hundreds of pounds it'll cost to be rid of them for good.

Disgraceful company.

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