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Dunelm Mill is the example some other more unscrupulous companies ought to follow. Customer care and after sales are important to Dunelm because then they know people will come back. No-one will ever get 100% but the ratings seen here for Dunelm, I believe are very good, we will continue to shop there.

ScS Sofas


If you want to enter into a high pressure 'non-cancellable' deal, (which is NOT explained to you from the outset, then buy from this Company.
My son and his partner recently signed for a suite under the impression that they could change their minds within 14 days.
The home they were buying fell through some days later and we tried to cancel. Then (and only then) we are told that the 14 days only applied to the finance agreement and not the actual order (surprise surprise!) Their entire attitude changed in the store towards my wife, son and his partner, they became arrogant, defensive and downright rude. Speaking with the Head Office and then the sales director's department they were exactly the same, surly and rude, patronisingly saying 'you should have read the contract before you signed it', despite the fact my son was pressured into signing by the promise of a 'no deposit' transaction. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS US, READ REVIEWS OF COMPANIES BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING,I wish we had, read SCS reviews for yourselves, it does not make for good reading. I don't know how companies like this survive in today's environment, it has cost us over £500 to cancel an order, for which we would have had to wait 10 - 14 weeks, only eight days after we originally signed. What a lovely present for a young couple, earning minimum wage and trying to make a start in life. Thank you SCS, we have learnt a hard and expensive lesson, I did tell my son and his partner not to even enter your stores, perhaps now they will listen. The Company as a whole do not have an ounce of compassion or reason, all they are interested in is a sale. I look forward to hearing of their demise after such appalling attitudes and intimidating bullish behaviour towards their customers.


Had my reservations - totally unfounded!

I had problems transferring funds to my daughter in Australia, the joint account I had set up some years ago with my bank failed as Australia now allegedly have some problem with 'Maestro'. (Good of them to let me know!) They persuaded me to take out another system of funds transfer through them, which meant I had to send a new card to my daughter. I sent the card off and then did some more digging, when the money actually reaches my daughter I will be paying over 10% in charges with the combination of fees and 'hidden' costs, to which I refer to the ridiculously low exchange rate given on the foreign transaction. I decided to adopt the 'belts and braces' approach and opened up an account with GlobalWebPay, I had my doubts but I now sit here, the funds have reached my daughter's account 48 hours later, I have spoken to a representative of the company twice, he was extremely helpful and professional. I could not get to speak to a human being at all with the account I had opened through the bank, the card still has not arrived but I'm not worried, as soon as it does, I will empty the account and stick with GlobalWebPay. I cannot speak highly enough of them and I'm not being paid to write this, good, honest, old fashioned kind of service at excellent ' know where I stand ' rates. One of my better internet decisions.

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