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Transfer Right Software Wrong

Fortunately two transfers were executed very well BUT in doing so I triggered three glaring bugs in the data input; for example error messgaes telling me I must enter data into an input field when I had! This does not inspire confidence. Otherwise a pretty good system and I will use TransferWise again.

Age Partnership

Good in parts....

Something of a curate's egg.

Age Partnership were quick off the mark and got me a fair quote from Partnership which was subsequently replaced by a better quote from LV. So far so good. Then a third party came up with a delayed quote, strangely from Partnership, which was £500+ more than the original Partnership quote via Age Partnership. This prompts me to ask who was getting my £500+ extra per annum from the first quote? Age Partnership then came back with a final quote from Partnership which was over £600 pa more than the original quote from Partnership over the two policies being quoted for, about 12% more. While I like the "more" of course one wonders why we had to go through such a process for what seem to be above average commissions - £6k+ AND which cost me many thousands of pounds, about another £6K, as the financial markets dropped significantly during all this palaver.

OK Age Partnership seemed to have got me a good quote in the end but it has cost me £12K plus which is a lot of money. I could have bought a new car with that.

So far the brokerage side has been efficient apart from the negative side of things as discussed above and administration side seems pretty good and right on the ball so far.


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