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Excellent courteous and efficient service

We have used HiFX on just two occasions. The first was in 2012 to convert Euro funds to Pounds UK and to effect their transfer to the UK on the occasion of the sale of our private residence in France. The second occasion and more recently, the transaction was relatively small and the converse to settle a Euros 'security sociale' account to finalise our 'impots' liabilities in France. In both instances, HiFX personnel dealt with our needs in an extremely efficient and friendly manner, their approachability being of paramount interest to those in need of private transactions and who may not be so conversant with the processes and potential machinations of currency dealings. We certainly would not hesitate to approach HiFX for any future needs.

Excellent Support!

My wife recently and accidentally lost a spinal support prescribed in France and essential for when she is travelling by car. She can only assume that the velcro fastener must have 'hooked' onto her clothing after she had removed it and when she climbed out of her car, but she did not notice dropping it because it was dark at the time and raining. However, some 'kind soul' who obviously did see on the ground in the car park, also obviously decided it was worth picking up keeping because it was not by the car just one hour later. A Google search and PhysioRoom came to the rescue, the replacement support being with her within two days by standard delivery service and exactly as promised. We are well pleased with the service and my wife is also well pleased with the replacement product.

Feedem Ltd

Annie is definitely passionate about this one!

We have been buying the recommended Alpha Feeds 'Adult Maintenance for Working Dogs' from Feedem for our lovely retired Brindle Greyhound for around six months and we can definitely say the service we have received has be perfect.

This particular feed was recommended to us by the Retired Greyhounds Trust as that was what they were feeding all of their greyhounds and when we re-homed Annie we turned to Feedem because we were unable to obtain that specific feed from other more usual local sources. We have not been disappointed. Annie certainly seems to do well on that feed and she has blossomed since coming to us, so much so that everyone we meet remarks on how fit and well she looks. Mind, she should do at a mere three and a half years of age! Happily, Annie is one of the fortunate greyhounds but many are sadly not so lucky.


Car Remote Batteries

The other day I found one of the two remotes for our SAAB 9-5 would not activate the central locking so, with the car now being almost four years old, I guessed that the time had come for the battery to have died. I tried a couple of local stores without any success so, out of frustration more than anything else, a quick 'surf' with Google lead me to The CR 1632 button type battery I need was easily traced, the price looked good enough and my order was placed for two so that I now carry a spare for the other remote. All dead easy, the batteries arrived within 48 hours and I didn't even need to get off my office chair. If I had gone down into our local 'big' town, that would have taken me a couple of hours and a couple of quid to park. Sad, I know, but that's the way the world is going it seems.

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