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Great products that taste good!

So often products like whey protein taste pretty vile, but MyProtein get it right. Love the Beef Jerky and CLA supplements from these guys as well and the delivery times are pretty darned speedy!

Cheaper than other supplement vendors, better tasting products and not a hint of an upset stomach with any of it (unlike with other vendors I've tried).

Abel & Cole

Thank you Abel and Cole

We started using Abel and Cole a few months ago. I decided it might be nice to try to use seasonal vegetables where possible and a good way to do that without all the hard thinking is to use a supplier like Abel and Cole who source produce almost exclusively from the UK. Since then, we've had our weekly veg. box and added a weekly egg box to it and increasing amounts of meat, game, poultry and fish as the quality and flavour has been really quite impressive. The bone-in sirloin roasting joint we had for New Year was utterly stunning! One of the nice features is that you can let them know if there's a particular fruit or vegetables that you don't like and you'll get something else in place of it in your weekly box if it's due in any. This week, instead of potatoes we got Jerusalem Artichokes, which is great as I've never cooked them before. (Oh yes, we've had the Kohlrabi incident already and I know what to do with that now :o))


Fantastic service

Really really pleased with Ocado. Far fewer substitutions than anyone else we've tried and the substitutions are almost always well selected. The communication around ordering and deliveries is great... you can get text messages or emails to remind you when the deadline to amend an order is and then when your delivery is due and if there are any missing/swapped items so you have a fighting chance to pick them up elsewhere if you really need to.

Hugely love the features on the web site of "have you run out of...?" if you often order something and then don't in a shop or two; "offers you may have missed" if you've ordered say one item in a "buy one get $something free" type offer or if there's a bundle of things (which can often give you ideas on something new to try or a specific meal you'd not considered; and then there's the new feature of suggesting a cheaper way to get items you've got in your basket e.g. swapping 3x 200g pots of houmous for 2x 300g ones or choosing a different brand.

The only thing I'd like to suggest Ocado do, which is actually very very difficult, would be to say where fresh fruit and vegetable items are sourced from for a given week/month. Just by country would be a nice start. And/or have a category in the shop for "UK produce in season" to select items from.


Always worth checking

Often the cheapest for a lot of electronics when you know exactly what you already want. If you go with the Prime service, delivery is speedy. The only thing that's annoying is that if you're not careful or in a hurry you can miss the fact that items are not coming from Amazon, but from another supplier and you can end up with an extended wait for delivery and/or slightly less good service. Reviews can be useful where they exist for what you're looking to buy, but I'm always wary of reviewers not being who they seem.

Virgin Atlantic

Stunning service

We travelled first class from London to San Fransisco and had the most pleasant flying experience of our lives. If only air travel could always be that way! Great staff, stunning lounge at Heathrow, treated really well and the whole experience was stress free. Small niggle in that the cost of the limo service is on the steep side so getting to and from the airport was something we arranged ourselves.


Competitive pricing

Travelled to Budapest through opodo and found their pricing to be most competitive at the time. Prompt and clear communication with no issues; I'd happily use them again.


15 years of great service

Orange was the first mobile service provider I went with and I chose them at the time because they were the only ones providing a fully digital service with great coverage across the UK. I've only had a couple of service problems over the years and have been satisfied as a customer with how those problems were communicated and dealt with. The only reason I left Orange 3 years ago for mobile phone services was because of iPhone and the fact that they didn't support it at the time. It was a bit annoying when they went through the phase of takig a long time to assess and customise new handsets vefore offering them to customers, but that's not something I have much interest in these days so even if that's not changed it's not an issue for me. Now they're back in the picture with iPhone and I can get a good iPad service form them too, I'm back with Orange because I've had nothing but a professional and slick service from them over the years.


Speedy and competitive

Suprisingly fast delivery given that there was no charge for shipping and a great competitive price on products. Very happy customer!

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