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Fast service.

Very fast delivery, everything comes well packed, get freebies put in sometimes too.

Good to see they use royal mail too.


Generally good service.

Good service but the only thing i don't like about the Tesco Home is that there is nothing but self service, not good for people who find it hard to scan and pack products when it's busy and you have a child to try and stop from running off lol.


Absolutely disgusted with the customer service.

I'm 23 years old and was instore with my 11 year old brother and 1 year old son, i had purchased a lot of food as well as a case of lager, i got asked for ID and i showed her it, the woman then asked my brother for ID and i told her that he was 11 so obviously he doesn't have ID not that he needed to be asked for it as i was the one purchasing the alcohol he was just with me. I got refused the sale which i didn't take too kindly too as i had proven i was over 18. A manager came who told me that the law states anyone over 18 who's accompanied by someone under 18 cannot buy alcohol, which is a lot sh*t which i knew and i told him there was no such law, he kept telling me this law was brand new out, i just laughed at him for being such a twat and told him that i've been in many times with my 1 year old to buy alcohol and i told them that it must have been illegal for them to sell me it when i have a 1 year old, the manager started stuttering and i told him i'd be making a complaint.

The next time i was in store i was with my son and father, again we had alcohol, we never got hassled for ID so after we had got the messages i went over to the manager and told him that we didn't get refused the sale of alcohol as we have my 1 year old who is obviously under the age of 18 and myself who looks really young i never got asked for ID and obviously that was illegal with the new law that had recently came out, he then told me that when there is parents and children that their policy (it's funny how he changed it from being the law to now their policy when i had someone older than me there) doesn't apply. So basically i was being discriminated because of my age which i found appauling as there was absolutely no indication i was buying alcohol for my brother who is a CHILD who was accompanying me to help me pack the items.

I went back to the store a few hours later when i'd dropped my brother off and purchased the alcohol when i was by myself, the manager came over to me and told me he could not sell me the alcohol, i told him he could in no way refuse me alcohol as i have the money to pay for it and the ID to show i'm over the age of 18, he then told me that since i had my brother there who had no ID i could not buy it, i told him that i was instore a few hours ago and as he could see nobody was with me, i then told him that what he was doing is harrassment and it's illegal, he then told me to leave the store and i made sure i complained about his discrimination.

I emailed Sainsburys just to be given the speel about their policy and that the manager shouldn't have told me it was the law when it wasn't and that i shouldn't have been spoke down to.

I refused to shop in Sainsburys after that incident, but i nipped in once again with my other brother who's 9 and my 1 year old to get a few essentials, i had purchased a packet of womans razors as well as nurofen and other groceries, the woman on the till asked me for ID and my other brother, i was furious as it's razors, this time i got another manager who told me that they couldn't sell me them, i jokingly told him that i would wait around the alcohol area and tell all parents with children that they cannot buy alcohol as you're accompanied by someone under the legal age and the same with age limit products.

After he left, i was sold the painkillers without question which i found strange considering you have to be over i think 16 to buy them. I made a point of this after i'd paid and gotten my receipt, the woman said she didn't realise.

About a month later i went in to purchase Ashton & Parsons teething powder which are all natural, nothing harmful in them at all, not even a newborn baby could overdose on them as there is nothing in it except chamomile or something similar. I got the check out and i got ID'd again, this time i never had any ID on me but i was so embarrassed that i got ID'd for something that doesn't have an age restriction, i told her that was like asking for ID for me to buy a loaf of bread. She told me that there was nothing she could do as it came up on her screen that it's for over 16's, she asked if i had anything except ID that could prove i'm over 16, i showed her my car key and my tattoos lol, she couldn't accept them so i went back into the shop and picked up another packet and went to another till, only this time i got served them with no problems.

After all my hassle with Sainsburys i have decided i will never shop their again, it's like they just want to discriminate on younger shoppers. Asda and other supermarkets do not have a stupid policy were if you're accompanied by someone under 18 you cannot buy age restricted products.


Brilliant service everytime.

I always get what i want when i go here, was recommended by the travel agent a few different places and everyone was great. Flights, transfers, hotel etc etc was all as expected - brilliant!


Good service

I haven't shopped online for a while with Asda but when i did i thought it was great service and i liked how i could get my shopping the next day even when ordering last thing at night. I was slightly put off by the delivery charge of £5.50 but it didn't stop me.

I haven't shopped with them for a while as they don't have everything on their website that's instore (cases of beer, filtered coffee, all sizes in nappies etc) and i was substituted on a few things on every delivery too.


02 is by far the best

I've been with 02 for many years and have switched providers on many occasions if i've bought a new phone with a different providers sim card. I find that 02 have the best tariffs for me, i text and use the internet a lot but don't really make calls, i had the 500 texts and 500mb of net for £15 a month but that wasn't enough texts for me so i changed to unlimited texts to 02 as everyone i know is on 02 and when i top up £15 i get the benefit of free calls to 02 although i don't use them, i have bought a bolt on so i get 500mb of net a month for £7.50 so for my £15 a month i get internet and unlimited texts.

I love how on 02s website they have the option to live chat with an advisor, that way you don't need to make expensive phone calls or wait days on a reply to an email that might not answer your question fully.

I have one complaint and that was i ordered a mobile phone and it never came on the allocated day, i got in touch and i was lied to, i asked to cancel when it never arrived and i was told there was no way i could cancel even though i have full rights to cancel. It finally came 1 month after ordering, was peeved off that they lied to me on more than one occasion about the delivery instead of being straight forward.


Generally good service.

I love how you can check the stock of the items and can reserve to collect. I do this often. I have also ordered online for home delivery on a good few items and the thing i like most is they give you a delivery slot online whereas other companies do not tell you when they'll deliver they just say within 14 days which i don't like. They also have cheap delivery £8.95 for big items whereas most other companies charge £20 or more for delivery. I did buy a Dyson at Christmas time to get the £20 voucher but i never recieved it, after contacting Argos i was told to go instore and quote a ref no, i got shoddy customer service and was told that was for online only, i showed them the email from head office and they still refused to give me the voucher without any real reason. I emailed Argos again and they told me they'd send a voucher out instead, it never arrived, contacted them again for to be told there was an error on their system and it would be sent that day, still not recieved it and that was 9 days ago.

Mazuma Mobile

Great service.

I was a bit sceptical sending my phone away as other companies had bad reviews, only Mazuma had good reviews so i decided to send my phone to them.

I placed my order and my jiffy bag arrived 2 days later, i sent it away on the Friday and it had arrived at Mazuma on the Monday morning, they emailed me to tell me it had arrived and they'd be processing it soon, a couple of hours later i got another email saying everything was fine and the cheque was in the post, my cheque arrived on the Tuesday morning.

Great fast service and would definately recommend to anyone wanting to make a quick buck from their old phone.

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