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Transatlantic Talk Tripe versus GIMP MASK

Eternity day 1: Had to hang up after 15 minutes as operator couldn't understand me? & I couldn't understand his heavy foreign accent (cost of call = £2.10).
2nd call: Hung up after 20 minutes call waiting (cost of call = £2.80).
3rd call: Lost connection after 8 min call waiting (cost of call = £1.12).
4th call: After a 'reasonable??' 5 minute call waiting my change of address & free-view order is finally completed (or so I thought). Although I was reassured free-view order would take no more than another 10 minutes to complete (getting conscious of my forever increasing phone bill) I had to keep asking operator to stop repeating everything I said along with repeating details of the order which I'd heard at least twice already. (cost of call = £5.60). Strangely, the operator confirmed no charges for free-view installation (unlike BT) but order confirmation letter details a £50 charge?
BT phone-line installation day: Arranged afternoon off work for the BT engineer arranged by TT. Phoned TT early same morning to leave clear & simple details of how engineer could gain entry to rear car park & provide my mobile number so engineer could call me if he needed access my apartment. This task took 3 frustrating attempts as 1st operator gave me another phone number to call, which turned out to be incorrect as TT operator confirmed the 1st number was correct! No one was able to transfer me to the right department (so much for a telecommunications company!) so I had to recall & listen to the TT introduction script 3 times which is suspiciously long & at 14p per minute rather expensive (cost of calls = £2.52).
Following day: Rang TT to establish whether engineer had been to be told he'd turned up but left as he couldn't gain entry to block, the engineer had not been given my message!! TT is now expecting me to take another half day off work (at my expense) to go through this sorry mess again (I can't help but wonder whether TT have me listed in directory under sadomasochists, although a GIMP MASK & HORSE WHIP would be easier to deal with & less painful). I asked to speak to a manager but was told there wasn't one (mmmm?) so asked for someone to call me back & was told this was not possible (no phones I guess). Operator finally agreed to arrange a call back for me which I've since found out will take up to 72 hours - TT must have a lot of unhappy customers to deal with! (cost of call = £3.64).

Total cost of calls to TT to date (with no phone line installed yet) = £17.78 + £50.00 for installation (I was told was free) = £67.78.

Moral of my story: Next time I decide to cancel my TT service to change to a more reliable BT I will totally ignore the non-English speaking operator (rephrase 'operators') telling me Talk Tripe is cheaper & go British Telecom all the way!! Kiss my latex coated .... TT :-O

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