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Great clothes, great value and a free shipping option!

Love the range of clothes and great value too. The sales are always good and a handy free shipping option :). Always had speedy delivery, never any problems.


Awful experience, will not be using again.

They initially offered me £55 for my iPod. As my item apparently arrived to Bozowi after their '14 day quote guarantee period' they sent me a ridiculous revised offer of £1. I sent them an email asking for my device back and told them I did not accept this revised offer of £1. I got no reply and my device was sent for recycling and my account was credited with £1. I sent a second email querying this and managed to get a reply stating that they were acting in accordance to their T&Cs to send me such a ridiculous revised offer, at no point did they acknowledge the fact I asked for my device back. After a few more emails of me asking for my device back they finally told me it had been recycled and I cannot get it back. After writing them a letter of complaint they offered me a settlement of and extra £10 to be credited to my account. This process took weeks and I was so fed up with it I took the £10 but was still very unhappy at their service.

I would NOT use this service again simply for the fact that if your device arrives late they will send you a ridiculous revised quote.

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17 June 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Hi Rachael, thanks for your feedback.

Whilst many recyclers offer less than 7 days where they will honour their original price, we provide a 14 day window for honouring our original offer for any device. Indeed, we originally offered a 7 day period too, but we extended our offer time after feedback from customers that Royal Mail deliveries would often be unpredictable in how long they would take - since we've no control over external delivery agencies, we try and balance that out with what we *can* control, like our 14 day offer price.

The value of devices is very much dependent on laws of supply and demand, and of course the age of the device too, but we always ensure we offer the best possible deal for any phone or other piece of consumer technology recycled with us.

We'd like to thank you for your feedback, which we will take on board.

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